Yellow Dog’s Thankful List: Why We Are Thankful For Fly Fishing Travel

Posted by yellowdog on 11/25/19 6:00 AM

As the calendar changed from Halloween to November, in many stores pumpkins came down and Christmas trees came up. The holiday spirit is wonderful, but in the rush to start counting down shopping days ‘til Christmas, the ideals of Thanksgiving can be lost in the hype of Black Friday, Shop Small Saturday, and by trying to squeeze it all in before the holiday bumrush begins.

Because we travel the world for a living, we understand the importance of getting away—but traveling to fish is not only a great respite, it is a unique way we can learn about ourselves, family, friends, and other places in the world. Here is Yellow Dog’s List of Why We Are Thankful For Fly Fishing Travel.


We are thankful for new fishing friends met around the world. One of our Program Directors blew out his plier holster in Mongolia last year and a Mongolian man helped him stitch the holster back together. People that grow up in remote areas such as the Mongolian countryside can be quite handy and by working together we can create friendships.

Experiencing different countries and cultures that may be off the beaten path. Fly fishing travel offers us a way to engage with people on an intimate and meaningful level. Seven hours of chatting with a guide on a flats boat about all manner of subjects beats a tour-bus trip any day of the week.


Technology enhances many components of our daily lives, but  being entirely disconnected benefits our soul in ways we cannot always quantify. We are thankful for the opportunity to travel to places and be disconnected. In today’s digital world finding a destination without wifi can be a challenge, but those places exist and we are grateful they do.

We are thankful for the variety of fishing guides throughout the world. Maybe your guide shows you a new technique or chooses to demonstrate some skills. Ask your guide to cast—they are some of the most talented casters on their waters. Same for knots – learn to tie knots from your guide if you aren’t tying them yourself. Most guides have a technique or trick that can help.

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Planning for a trip is part of the fun. Spending time with friends or family choosing a destination, learning about it, then preparing and anticipating for the trip offers up quality time together for which to be thankful.

Discovering new places together. Time spent adventuring together and being a visitor in a country together is a bonding experience with very few comparisons. Father-son, mother-daughter, father-daughter, mother-son, dad-son-grandson, etc, are all trips to be taken and will generate memories to be thankful for as time passes.


While at a destination there may be other travelers there. Travel allows us to be thankful to meet other anglers from other parts of the world and to learn of our differences but also our similar passion for pursuing fish. You might even learn some new jokes that you can or cannot tell at home. Ask, but do it politely, to take a peek into a fly box to see patterns from other parts of the world.

When you travel to a different place in pursuit of different species, you learn so much about yourself, the waters, the surrounding area in which you are located, and much more. We are thankful for each destination in the world and how different they are.

Most importantly we are thankful for our passion to conserve the places we fish and the connections that fly fishing can bind. From helping a child battle cancer in Belize to assisting guides displaced from a hurricane, we are thankful fly fishing is so much more than fishing.



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