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Yellow Dog Saltwater Lessons: Line Management

Posted by Ian Davis on May 30, 2017 12:02:06 PM



 One of the most critical things a saltwater angler can learn is how to properly manage fly line in the boat. It’s all too easy to get your line tangled, to stand on a loop of line, and to hook the line around various objects in the boat. 

In this video, Ian Davis talks about how best to manage your fly line, avoid tangles, and be ready for fishing! He covers how to properly stack the line so you’re ready for a quick cast, and how best to be prepared when your guide calls out, “Cast, 40 feet, nine o’clock.” (Tune in next week for an explanation on how the clock system works!) 

Get your fly in hand and let’s go.

Shot on location at Grand Slam Lodge in Mexico.

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Topics: Saltwater Fly Fishing