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Yellow Dog Saltwater Fishing Lessons: Fly Weight and Color

Posted by Ian Davis on May 30, 2017 12:02:53 PM


How many times have you stared at the bins in a fly store, wondering what to purchase for that upcoming saltwater trip? Or laid out all your boxes at home and deliberated which patterns should make the voyage into your luggage and which should stay behind? 

In this video, Ian discussed the eyes on the hook. We often see several types of eyes of flies:
• dumbbell eyes — heavy and sink quickly in deep water
• bead chain eyes — lighter, for shallower water and quiet presentations to spooky fish
• little eyes — very shallow water

Ian also discusses fly color, addressing when and where you might use dark- or light-colored flies. Watch the video for the full scoop on fly eye weight and fly color selection.

In the next installment of our Saltwater Fishing Lessons series, Yellow Dog’s Ian Davis talks about what flies often work well for certain species. 

Watch the video to get Ian’s feedback on proper fly selection.

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Shot on location at Grand Slam Lodge in Mexico.

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