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Yellow Dog Ambassador Tips: Oliver White

Posted by Oliver White on May 30, 2017 11:57:41 AM


For the next feature in our series of tips and tricks from the Yellow Dog Ambassador team, international angler Oliver White shares his secrets for successful angling travel.

Oliver has been the subject of numerous films, TV pieces and magazine articles, including multi-page spreads in Forbes, Men’s Journal and Cat Aficionado. In addition to overseeing the operations as a founding partner of Abaco Lodge on Abaco and Bair’s Lodge on South Andros in the Bahamas, he regularly hosts and arranges fishing trips all over the world. Along with a small group of friends and the backing of Costa Del Mar, Oliver founded the non-profit Indifly and their flagship Rewa Lodge and arapaima project in Guyana. Currently Oliver is working on his first book with Stonefly Press, cranking out regular articles for Fly Fisherman Magazine, and still finding time to live the dream.


TIP #1
When traveling to distant fishing areas that involve multiple flights, consider packing two smaller pieces of checked luggage instead of one larger, single checked bag. Evenly divide up your gear and split everything between both bags. That way if one bag is lost or delayed, you’re still in the game until the second bag arrives.

TIP #2
As a lodge owner and constant world traveler, the number one thing that I routinely see is clients that struggle with their fishing due to a lack of pre-trip practice. No matter how good the fishing is, remember that a guide can only get you so close! Practice your casting and presentations BEFORE the trip and arrive ready to make the most of every single shot and opportunity.


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