Yellow Dog Ambassador Tips: Jako Lucas

Posted by Jako Lucas on May 30, 2017 12:00:23 PM


Our Ambassador team consists of five of the most interesting, accomplished, and adventurous anglers in the game. In addition to hosting and leading trips, working with Yellow Dog clients, assisting with consumer shows and events, and promoting Yellow Dog’s full range of offerings, these talented individuals also work with the Yellow Dog team in an advisory capacity, helping develop and explore new destinations, evaluating existing operations and working with the Yellow Dog team to expand our full range of services. 


These are some of the most well-traveled and savvy anglers to be found on the planet, and we’re pleased to be be able to share a few tidbits from them. Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we share tips from Jako, Jeff, Oliver, Rebekka, and Wil. We’re kicking off today with three tips from Jako. 

Read, learn, and then take your newfound skills into the field. We’ll see you out there. 

Jako Lucas: Raised in South Africa, Jako L began fishing South Africa’s fresh and saltwater destinations at the age of four. He represented his country in various competitions throughout his youth before starting his career as a full-time guide in 2006. Along the way he expanded his horizons to include photography and film work, establishing his own action film production company, Captain Jack Films. Jako’s guide resume includes years of working in Mongolia, Norway, and all throughout the Indian Ocean, including time spent on Astove, Cosmoledo, Farquhar, Providence, and Alphonse. He’s fished all across the globe and has won numerous awards for his film work. Jako is currently a consultant for Thomas and Thomas Rods


Here are three tips from Jako:

TIP #1
When you travel to remote locations, always try and be as physically prepared as possible. Being in shape can add so much more value and enjoyment to your trip. Many fishing locations have fairly extreme environments and can change quickly from very high temperatures to cold and difficult weather. With certain destination programs, you may have to navigate up and down mountains or wade flats for long distances. Get in shape before you go!


TIP #2
Read your pre-trip information and documents, and review your packing lists carefully and thoroughly. Yellow Dog sends out all the information you need, and if you read and study this material, you WILL be prepared. I have seen so many clients arrive in the middle of nowhere; unprepared and looking for something they forgot to pack because they failed to read their pre-trip documents. 


TIP #3
Everyone that knows me or has fished with me knows that I love chocolate and beef jerky (biltong). Whether you like these foods or not, I suggest that you always bring snacks along on a trip. There have been countless times where I have traveled to a destination and ended up giving away my entire supply of snacks because no one else thought to bring any! That ranks right up there with the age-old scenario where you take your significant other out to dinner: they order a salad yet constantly lean over to nibble away at your steak and fries!  It’s just not cool! Bring enough snacks, jerky and nuts so that everyone (including your guides) can share. People will appreciate it and remember you as a generous travel companion.


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