Interview with Camille Egdorf: Yellow Dog's First Hosted Women's Fly Fishing Trip

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Yellow Dog’s Camille Egdorf is a veteran of the fly fishing industry and is the director of the Alaska, Christmas Island, and Kamchatka programs. Maybe you’ve seen her in Confluence Film’s Providence, holding the first-place trophy at the GoPro Games, or fishing her way through Alaska. Even though her list of accomplishments and fishing destinations is long, there’s one place she hasn’t been yet: Belize. Not only is it her first time to Belize fly fishing, but she’s also holding a monumental trip for Yellow Dog - it’s our first hosted  all-women’s fly fishing trip. 

November 5th through 11th, Camille, and five other ladies are heading south for some saltwater action on the flats. The group is staying at El Pescador Lodge on Ambergris Caye for four days, and four nights. For a fly fisherwoman as seasoned as Camille, the list of first-times­ grows shorter by the day. Two first-times in one trip - that’s unheard of. We had the chance to ask Camille a few questions about her upcoming trip.          


You’ve hosted trips before, why is this one different?

This is Yellow Dog’s first all-women’s hosted trip which is something we’re very excited about. Over the past several years, women have been making a bigger presence within the sport, and we love it. We’re hoping that by having a few ladies’ trips throughout the year, we’ll be able to encourage more women to pick up a rod and feel confident enough to travel and fish even if they’re on their own. 

What makes you excited for this trip?

This is my first time to Belize, so I’m looking forward to seeing the country and fishery there. This is also my first all-women’s hosted trip, so that adds a lot of excitement as well. This will be a trip of many firsts and hopefully the first of many trips!

Do you have a “lucky” piece of gear, that you always bring along?

Not necessarily a piece of gear but I do always bring a journal with me when I travel. Being able to document my experiences from each day while in the Seychelles, Kamchatka, Guyana and other places is very important to me. I know that someday I’ll appreciate being able to flip through and relive them when I’m old and gray.  


What fish are you shooting for catching and why? 

All the species that Belize has to offer are incredible, and I’ll gladly target them with no hesitation. However, the permit is one that I certainly have my eyes on. I’ve only seen permit once while in the Seychelles and at the time, I had no idea I was casting a 5-inch-long GT fly at an Indo-Pacific permit. It wasn’t until the fish made a 180-degree turn in the opposite direction did one of the guides tell me what it was. Permit are the holy grail of fly fishing and while I’m not expecting to catch one, I’m looking forward to at least having my shot with the right size fly.

What rods and reels are you bringing?

Belize Fly Fishing Insider

I’ll be bringing two 8wts and two 10wt Thomas & Thomas rods. That should keep me covered for bonefish as well as tarpon and permit. For reels, I’ll have two – Hatch’s 7 plus and 9 plus.

What do you think are some things you’ll bring we didn’t even mention?

A hair dryer is definitely something we might bring along! As for other “extras,” I usually take wet wipes whenever I travel. On occasion, I’ll also bring along waterproof mascara!

Is there one thing that you keep hearing, for example, “you have to try the fish, or beer, or what-have-you, in Belize.”

I’ve had several people tell me to try their fried chicken!

What about all the “bad” things going on in the world – doesn’t some of it make you nervous?

No. If I were traveling to an area that was going through a civil war, then yeah, I’d be worried, but I wouldn’t go there in the first place! Anytime you start traveling internationally; you put yourself at some risk. It’s just the way things are no matter what is going on in the world. The key is to be smart and avoid putting yourself in positions where you could get into trouble. 

Klug_Photos_Whipray_Caye_2012 (15 of 41).jpg

How do you think an all woman’s trip differs from a coed, or men’s group?

Aside from a little more estrogen and energy, I don’t expect the dynamic of the trip to be much different. The women joining me on this trip are anglers and are there to fish so I’d imagine they’ll all have the same questions and opinions that men do. I think a coed trip may be slightly intimidating for some women which can be a limiting experience for some. With this trip being entirely women, I think it’ll open the doors for those who have questions or need help with certain aspects of fly fishing that they may have otherwise been too shy to express. Overall, this will be a fun and exciting trip for all of us and something I really hope more women will gravitate to down the road.

This is hopefully the first of many women’s trips and a start of a tradition here at Yellow Dog. To get in touch with Camille about future hosted trips email her at or be sure to contact Cameron Davenport about booking a trip to Belize.

Sound fun? Give us a call or email to start planning!

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