Where Are The Best Wade Fishing Opportunities in Patagonia?

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Working with Yellow Dog means that we will always put you in a lodge that best fits your needs and preferences. Where some booking agencies are in the business of filling beds, we are in the business of selling experiences, and something that may work for one angler may not work for another. When it comes to fishing, we realize that not everyone enjoys sitting in a boat and  would rather walk and wade. We know one size doesn’t fit all so we’ve put together a short guide of Patagonia fly fishing trips perfect for walk and wade anglers.

Chile Wade Fishing Destinations

If you’ve never traveled to Chile then you’re missing out. Running the length of South America’s western coast for over 2,880 miles, Chile is a country of beautiful diversity that holds some of the top freshwater fisheries on Earth. For any angler excited about wading, the country provides a seemingly endless number of possibilities. Here are just a few: 

Estancia Del Zorro Wade Fishing

This beautiful 15,000-acre Estancia offers guests the chance to fish and explore private, productive waters in both Chile and Argentina. You’ll fish for brown trout on the Estancia’s two private rivers and on a 15-mile spring creek that holds brown trout up to an astonishing 10 pounds. If you love small-water, spring creek fishing, then you’ll love the Estancia’s fishing program. The typical fishing program hosts guests in both Chile and Argentina experiencing the terrific waters of the region.

Patagonia Chile Wade Fishing

This is an area of Chile and Patagonia that’s rarely visited and almost never fished. The area rivers are pristine, productive and diverse, and all fisheries are accessed and fished exclusively by walking and wading. Enjoy fishing for brown trout in the small and intimate water where their sizes can be anywhere between 14 to over 22 inches. With Remota’s private access to most of the river and streams, the trout are relatively unpressured and almost always willing to take a dry fly. Experience Chile with a team of professional guides and superb lodge.

Argentina Wade Fishing Opportunities

Argentina is a country full of friendly people, juicy fire roasted steaks, delicious wines and some of the best trout waters found on planet earth- it’s a fly angler’s seventh heaven. The country is home to world-class fisheries that are still largely unpressured by modern day standards and opportunities for wading are numerous.

Las Pampas Lodge Wade Fishing

Las Pampas Lodge boasts a large number of relatively untouched world-class trout fisheries on a variety of waters from small to mid-sized freestone rivers to intimate spring creeks. Trout found here usually range from 16 to 22 inches and most of the time eager to take a dry fly. The caliber of available fisheries combined with an incredible staff make Las Pampas Lodge a destination that has a broad range of appeal to adventuresome fly anglers. 

Patagonia River Guides Bessie

One of the greatest things about the PRG fishing program is that every fishing day features a different river or spring creek. PRG utilizes both private and public waters and they have miles of streams and access points under lease for the exclusive enjoyment of their guests. Each of these trips is 100% custom designed and structured around your desires and expectations.

Tecka Lodge Fly Fishing

In terms of access to private water, Estancia Tecka is among the best. Both the Rio Corcovado and Rio Tecka meander across the ranch providing exclusive access to over 90 miles of carefully managed water with robust populations of rainbow, brown, and brook trout in the 15-22 inch class. Additionally, a smaller spring creek provides intimate wade fishing from its grassy banks.

The Lago Strobel region in the southern part of Argentina offers the most consistent fishing for large rainbows found anywhere in the world. Fish often average 8 to 10 pounds and fish over 20 pounds are caught on a weekly basis. Undoubtedly, this is the best location in the world for trophy rainbow trout fishing. Lago Strobel along with the Barrancoso River and Moro Creek offer anglers to wade and walk for astoundingly large rainbows. If you love wading then you’ll love Jurassic Lake Lodge.

Wade Fishing Jurassic Lake

Located on the southern coast of the huge Argentine Lake, Lago Strobel, the Estancia offers anglers the chance to experience some of the largest rainbow trout in the world. In a part of Patagonia that is considered very distant and removed, this is far and away the finest option for great guides, huge fish, and very comfortable amenities.   

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No matter how you enjoy fishing Yellow Dog has a destination to meet you expectations and preferences. For those anglers that enjoy walking and wading Patagonia offers some terrific destinations. Depending on your preferences Yellow Dog is able to cater each trip to your needs. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or expectations you’d like in your fly fishing trip.

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