The Pros and Cons of a Hosted Fly Fishing Trip

Posted by yellowdog on 7/15/19 11:37 AM

Before the internet made researching far-off fly-fishing destinations accessible from your living room, many of fly fishing’s intrepid travelers utilized hosted trips. Today, with our in-depth knowledge of angling destinations across the globe, anglers wishing to discover new destinations can rely on our team of expertise and choose to travel without a host.

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An Inside Look at Fly Fishing For Taimen in Mongolia With Jako Lucas

Posted by yellowdog on 10/30/17 5:13 PM

Jako Lucas is one of Yellow Dog's ambassadors, and he waves the blue and yellow flag wherever he's fly fishing in the world. Part of our two-part series on fly fishing for taimen in Mongolia, Jako was kind enough to give us the low-down. Taimen fishing in Mongolia is a bucket list item for every serious angler. This is an interview you don't want to miss. 

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5 Recommended Tarpon Flies For Belize From Cameron Davenport

Posted by yellowdog on 10/24/17 3:48 PM

Cameron Davenport is Yellow Dog’s Belize program coordinator and has spent almost five years living and guiding in the Central American waters. The Belize fall and winter season is just now getting into full swing. Here's a list Cameron's favorite tarpon flies for Belize - but of course he wouldn't divulge his secret weapons - some things are taken to the grave.

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The Top 5 Bahamas Bonefish Flies from Doug McKnight

Posted by yellowdog on 10/3/17 11:26 AM

With fall bonefish destinations like the Bahamas, Belize, Cuba, and Mexico just around the corner, it’s important to know what flies fish are taking, and where.  Doug McKnight is Yellow Dog's Bahamas and Honduras program director and has fly fished extensively for bonefish throughout the Bahamas. A commercial fly tier, McKnight is well-known for his extraordinary fly tying capabilities and designing patterns that fish simply cannot resist. He was kind enough to share the five flies every bonefish angler should have in the Bahamas:  

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Christmas Island Fly Fishing 101 With Camille Egdorf

Posted by yellowdog on 7/6/17 10:36 AM

Located in the remote South Pacific equidistant between Hawaii and New Zealand sits Kiritimati Island - the largest atoll in the world.. Known to anglers as Christmas Island, the untouched chain of islands is a popular destination for anglers seeking a multitude of species including bonefish, giant trevally, triggerfish, blue fin trevally and milkfish.

Camille Egdorf, Director of Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures Christmas Island program explains why this remote fishery is so sought after. 

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Great Travel Reads For Your Next Fly Fishing Adventure

Posted by Mike Greener on 6/30/17 10:57 AM

Here at Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures we spend a lot of time traveling to destinations all over the planet. Over the years of consistently living out of suitcases and hunting for the strongest cup of airport terminal coffee, we have experienced our fair share of layovers in airports. Needless to say, there have been countless opportunities to dive into a good book to pass the time and read up on interesting stories recommended to us by our friends. The never-ending pursuit to check off novels from our own long, personal reading lists. Always opting for literature rather than surfing the internet, we’ve amassed plenty of exceptional fly fishing books to read on a plane that entertain, inform and inspire us during our travels.

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