Traveling Safely: 8 Ways to Improve Your Fly Fishing Vacation

Posted by yellowdog on 10/10/17 9:59 AM

Yellow Dog has decades of travel experience.  Every other week someone on the team is either out exploring a new location or checking in on longtime partners.  Yellow Dog wouldn’t be the best in the business if it didn't know a few things about traveling safely.  Here are a few tips we've learned throughout the years:

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Yellow Dog Travel Hack: Packing Lightly By Cutting Down

Posted by yellowdog on 9/26/17 3:39 PM

The Yellow Dog team knows that airline fees can be pricey.   None seem to add up as quickly as the overweight baggage fee.  It’s especially easy to exceed weight limits with international fishing trips as you pack gear, rods, clothes, and anything else to enjoy for an adventure abroad.

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Airports: 16 Ways To Travel Smarter

Posted by yellowdog on 7/21/17 12:00 AM

These days, air travel is tough. There’s no way around it. Bad weather, unexpected delays, long lines at security checkpoints and other challenges may conspire to leave you stuck at the airport longer than you planned – or ever imagined. No need to let a delay ruin your trip.

Here are 16 tried-and-true tips to help you avoid the most common travel pitfalls.

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5 Tips For Fishing Travel on a Budget

Posted by yellowdog on 7/11/17 10:33 AM


If you’re looking to plan a fishing adventure in the near future, then your options – both saltwater and fresh – are seemingly endless. When it comes to high-end, all-inclusive packages that offer the best of everything for top dollar, there are plenty of destinations to choose from. For those on a budget and those looking to do a bit more on their own and save a few bucks, there are indeed some sure-fire ways to stretch your dollars and still enjoy great fishing opportunities. Here are a few thoughts on making the most of a budget-focused trip:

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How To Pack Flies in Carry-On Luggage

Posted by Carter Lyles on 6/12/17 11:31 AM

Avid fly fisherman and founder of Patagonia Yvon Chouinard once said that “It isn’t an adventure until something goes wrong”.  While rolling with the unforeseen punches and uncertainties that international travel can present from time to time, there are few situations more dire than having your box of flies in your carry-on luggage confiscated by airline security. Though a rare occurrence, having it happen to you could land a big blow to the success of your carefully planned out fishing trip before the airplane wheels leave the ground. It can be rather difficult to catch fish without your arsenal of flies at the ready especially if your targeted destination doesn’t have a fly shop around to restock your quiver. While we have had our fair share of luggage hiccups over the years, we’ve learned that having some forethought on how you pack your gear for your next trip could save you lots of headaches.

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Recommendations For Traveling With Saltwater Flies: PAcking tips and tricks

Posted by Ian Davis on 5/30/17 11:53 AM

Here’s a great solution for traveling with saltwater flies for domestic and international travel. While T.S.A. regulations do not technically prohibit bringing fishing flies in your carry-on luggage, we know that if one security agent decides that they have a problem with you bringing flies or your fly boxes on board in your carry-ons, what can you do?  And if you do check all of your flies, and your bags are lost or delayed, then you’re really in trouble – especially if you’re traveling to a destination that does not sell or provide flies. With that in mind, we recommend a very easy and simple solution, and we’ve used this system all over the world for years.

Take a small assortment of flies (maybe in a small box or a zip-lock bag) and load enough flies for a single
day of fishing; maybe 12 - 18 flies total. Create a very basic assortment that will allow you to fish for a day if your checked luggage is delayed by the airline. Then, pack the rest of your flies in your checked luggage where they will be safe and problem-free. If everything arrives, then you will already have a “go-to,” shirt-pocket selection sorted and ready for wading the flats on day one. 

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5 Reasons To Purchase Trip Insurance For Your Fly Fishing Trip

Posted by Bryan Gregson on 5/30/17 11:53 AM

Kimberly Franke, Yellow Dog’s in-house Travel Insurance Specialist and favorite Aussie, knows that canceling an angling vacation is no joke. She explains, “It can take years to plan your ideal fly fishing adventure, but only seconds for it to be ruined.”

Yellow Dog’s plans can cost as little as 6 to 8% of your total package price. Well worth the investment. Kimberly provides the top five reasons for purchasing trip insurance with your next fly fishing package:

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Yellow Dog Travel Tips | United Airlines Baggage Restrictions

Posted by Jess McGlothlin on 5/30/17 11:52 AM

Yellow Dog Travel Tips: What’s the Skinny on United’s Baggage Restrictions?
Earlier this week, we divulged sage Yellow Dog advice on packing a fishing-savvy carry-on. However, United Airlines recently adjusted their luggage policies for carry-ons and checked pieces. Mary Pat Harris, Yellow Dog’s Travel Specialist, extensively researched United’s policy to clarify restrictions. Here are the specifics on checked and carry-on pieces:
United Checked Baggage
 United accepts one item of fishing equipment per customer as checked baggage. An item of fishing equipment consists of the following:
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Packing a Carry-On (And T.S.A Friendly) Fishing Bag

Posted by Bryan Gregson on 5/30/17 11:44 AM

Here at Yellow Dog, we have had our fair share of luggage nightmares. It is not a regular occurrence, but when it does happen we’ve learned you can still make the best of the situation with some preemptive planning. How you pack your carry-on bag can make or break your trip if you ever find yourself between a rock and an airline (hard place). Here are a few suggestions for packing your carry-on bag that we hope you find helpful when packing for your next fly fishing adventure:

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10 Tips For Crossing Time Zones

Posted by Jess McGlothlin on 5/30/17 11:44 AM


At any given time, members of the Yellow Dog team are winging their way around the world, crossing multiple travel zones and facing long days on the road. Whether we’re hosting a trip or exploring new lodges, we need to be ready to work as soon as we land. Every team member has their own tips for bearing up under travel, but here are a few classics.

These tips offer solid advice for those who find themselves crossing the skies frequently:

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