Traveling Safely: 8 Ways to Improve Your Fly Fishing Vacation

Posted by yellowdog on 10/10/17 9:59 AM

Yellow Dog has decades of travel experience.  Every other week someone on the team is either out exploring a new location or checking in on longtime partners.  Yellow Dog wouldn’t be the best in the business if it didn't know a few things about traveling safely.  Here are a few tips we've learned throughout the years:

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10 Best Questions to Ask When Booking a Guided Fishing Trip

Posted by Mike Greener on 6/12/17 11:41 AM

Your interest has been piqued. The time has come for you to stop reading online about your friends and other angler’s epic fishing adventures and begin planning your own trip of a lifetime. For someone who hasn’t yet had the opportunity to explore fishing possibilities outside their native stomping grounds, it can be a life changing experience not soon forgotten. So where does one begin? 

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The Facts On Global Rescue

Posted by Jim Klug on 5/30/17 12:02 PM

Here at Yellow Dog, our hope and expectation is that every trip that we book and arrange for our clients will be problem-free. And in the end, 99% of these trips are! That said, we recognize that things happen that our company, our customers, and ourselves cannot always control. For that reason, we strongly recommend that our clients purchase basic trip insurance for all angling packages, as well as purchasing a Global Rescue policy for medical evacuations. This is especially relevant with destinations that are far off the beaten path.

When we’re packing our bags, we like knowing we have benefits like this from Global Rescue:

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