NEW WAYPOINTS Podcast TODAY! Fishing Travel, Adventure, and Exploration

Posted by yellowdog on 11/4/19 11:13 AM

Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures is pleased to announce the launch of a new podcast program that is 100% dedicated to fishing travel, adventure, and exploration - a regular series created for those that fish, and for those that travel to fish. Each episode will dive into the what, why, where, and how of destination angling, discussing relevant topics and breaking down the issues that matter to those who travel and fish.

The new WAYPOINTS podcast is currently available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and Stitcher, as well as on the Yellow Dog website under the "Media" section in the main menu. Listeners can sign up to receive notifications of new podcast episodes, which will be released on a weekly basis.

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15 top tips from yellow dog for your next fly fishing trip

Posted by yellowdog on 10/24/19 2:52 PM

We fly fish all over the world. A lot.

For nearly twenty years of exploring new saltwater flats or returning to the same steelhead run year after year or stalking a trout sipping a dry fly in a Patagonia spring creek, there are things our team of travel experts do before, during, and after each and every trip they take.

Whether you’re thinking about a trip to Mexico or the Seychelles or closer to home in the US West, or if are still unsure where your next trip will take you, here are 15 simple, easy bits of advice to make your next fly fishing trip great.

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7 Bits of Advice to Plan a Destination Fly Fishing Trip Right

Posted by yellowdog on 7/24/19 9:57 AM

Whether you live in Wyoming and travel to the saltwater flats for a fly fishing trip; live in Brooklyn and are headed on a guided Montana fly fishing trip; live in Los Angeles and off to fly fish New Zealand; or in London and venturing off for some fly fishing in the Seychelles, destination fly fishing travel is full of adventure…and at Yellow Dog we take pride in ensuring it's safe and fun.

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Fly Fishing The Salt: Diving Into the World of Bonefish, Tarpon, and Permit

Posted by yellowdog on 4/11/18 11:15 AM

Starting anything new can be overwhelming at first. With so much information readily available, literally, at your fingertips even knowing where to start can be impossible. However, as the saying goes, “there’s never a time like the present.” We’ve put together some tips, tricks, and pointers, for anyone looking to get into the world of saltwater fly fishing to make getting a start all that much easier. Tarpon, bonefish, and permit are known as “the big three” and are the most popular saltwater game fish. For that reason we’ve gone over the basics of fly fishing for these terrific species. Although this guide is not exhaustive and there are countless nuances when it comes to saltwater fly fishing, we feel this is as good a place as any to start.

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How To Spot Bonefish Like a Saltwater Flats Guide

Posted by yellowdog on 4/5/18 12:21 PM

Spotting bonefish can be an undertaking if unfamiliar with saltwater fly fishing. But with a few pointers you can be well on your way to spotting the elusive "ghost of the flats." Before anything else, the number one rule and the rule that trumps all others is to listen to your guide. We cannot hammer this rule home hard enough. Flats guides have spent countless hours training their eyes to spot bonefish and their signs and you'll find more success listening to their expertise than you trying to find fish on the flats. But if you want to take your bonefishing game to the next level there are a handful of techniques, tips, and tricks you can use to start spotting your own bonefish on your next saltwater trip.

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5 Tips From Doug McKnight To Make Your First Cast Count

Posted by Doug McKnight on 7/14/17 9:45 AM

Doug McKnight, Yellow Dog's Bahamas Program Director, gives us insight on delivering a perfect first cast.

Making your first cast count is one of the most important things about being successful in saltwater flats fishing. Nearly every time, your first shot affords the best chance at getting the bonefish, permit or tarpon to eat a fly. All of these fish have extraordinary vision and sixth sense of incoming danger. A repeat cast, even a good one, is often enough to turn a fish off from eating. Here are a few tips on making that great cast the first time, or what we like to call “one timing it!”

1. Practice Your Cast
Before you head out on your trip it is always a good idea to practice with your equipment. Whether it is your first time or your hundredth trip, everyone benefits from a little casting practice before a trip. If your cast needs work, take a lesson or two from a good instructor. Make your practice time as realistic as possible.

Set up your rig exactly as you would in the field in respect to your line, leader and fly. If you are going to be fishing with a weighted fly, practice with one! Practice when it is windy. Don’t worry about throwing a whole fly line, focus on accuracy in the 20 -70 foot range. Don’t practice repeat casts, start at the ready position with your fly in hand and get the fly to the target with a minimum of false casts. 

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John Hudgens: Five Tips For Fishing To Selective Rising Trout

Posted by John Hudgens on 7/10/17 9:57 AM

Five tips from Yellow Dog’s, John Hudgens:

For the past 20 years, I’ve been a guide on the Railroad Ranch section of the Henry’s Fork River, a tricky piece of water that requires all anglers who fish it to truly bring their “A-Game.” This is a fishery that almost always demands perfect presentations, long leaders, light tippets, and exact fly patterns. And while the Henry’s Fork is known for having some of most selective trout around, it is by no means the only place where tough, picky trout are found.

As a species, trout are spooky by nature, constantly aware of their surroundings and all potential threats, especially true when they are rising in clear, shallow waters. When you find a rising fish in these situations it takes– the right cast, the perfect drift, all made on the very first presentation to actually “feed” that fish. Getting them to “eat” is the real accomplishment, landing the fish actually becomes a bonus.  In order to increase your chance on rising, picky trout in difficult situations, here are five things to keep in mind. 

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Useful Tactics for Fly Fishing Fast Water You Should Know

Posted by Mike Greener on 6/28/17 12:37 AM

Ah summertime! The anticipated warmer weather that marks the end of winter’s hold is always a welcomed sight for fly fisherman who get to shed their winter layers and prepare for the great springtime conditions. While the warmer temperatures start to turn on the eat for fish, for anglers living in the western United States, they know that this time of year also means that in order to connect with hungry fish, they will be navigating potentially swollen high flow rivers filled with mountain run off.

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12 Tips For Taking Better Fly Fishing Photos

Posted by yellowdog on 5/30/17 12:04 PM

We recognize that there are a lot of great fishing and outdoor photographers out there, and over the years, we have studied and learned a lot from some of the best in the business. Shooters like Brian O'Keefe, Denver Bryan, Terry Gunn, and many others have been delivering great fishing images for years, and their talent and consistency is amazing.

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Yellow Dog Ambassador Tips: Wil Flack

Posted by Wil Flack on 5/30/17 12:03 PM

Permit and steelhead addict Wil Flack has been living, guiding and working in Belize for the past 15 years. Wil owns Tres Pescados Fly Sho on Ambergris Caye, and recently opened the Belize Permit Club further to the south in Hopkins.  

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