Cuba Photo Workshop 2017

Posted by yellowdog on 8/7/17 7:02 AM

There is nothing quite like a great “fish story” that includes tales of adventure, travel and discovery. And while a good story is fun to hear, it’s always better when you have you a handful of amazing photos as well. There is no doubt that photography today is the new universal language, and many anglers have discovered the fun, creative possibilities of making memorable images over the course of their fishing trip. Nowadays, cameras are everywhere, and the ability to photograph your own adventures has never been easier. That said, the ability to shoot a photo does not mean that you’re guaranteed to capture good photos each and every time. If you’ve been thinking about taking your photography skills to another level in order to have your fishing memories captured in a way that truly showcases the beauty and excitement of the destinations that you visit, then consider signing up for Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures’ upcoming Cuba Fly Fishing Photography Workshop, happening October 14-25, 2017 in Playa Larga, Cuba. 

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Fly Fishing Photography Tips: Top 5 Non-Photo Gadgets

Posted by Bryan Gregson on 6/29/17 1:00 AM

The visual brand that Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures has developed over the years has been upon the back of our talented Director of Photography Bryan Gregson. Working full time with Yellow Dog and as a commercial photographer for companies like Patagonia, YETI and countless others, Gregson's experience working creatively in the field is unmatched in the fly fishing world.

He's seen it all and has photographed in just about every type of situation a photographer could hope to encounter. If anyone knows what is essential to pack on a photography outing, it's him! Check out Gregson's latest list of five essential non-photo gadgets in his camera pack. Take it away Bryan!

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5 Basic Fly Fishing Photography Tips

Posted by Jess McGlothlin on 5/30/17 2:27 PM


It’s spring — high time to get out and play. Slowly we’re creeping toward summer, that glorious season where waders are stowed in favor of wet wading, iced rod guides are a nightmare from seemingly ages past, and sunburns are sated with bountiful cold brewskis after a long day on the water.

For the working guides, this is the time of endless work and little sleep; for the recreational angler it's late night sessions after the work days ends. For most of us, time is of the essence and every minute on the water, camera (or rod, for that matter) in hand has to count.

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