Fly Fishing Value Trips – How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

Posted by yellowdog on Jul 9, 2019 3:45:51 PM

With over fifty destinations throughout the world, Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures has a fly-fishing trip to suit your needs and budget. A trip on a live-aboard mothership to a remote Indian Ocean atoll may be on your wish list, but, may not be a reality. Just because a mothership experience may not be in your budget—and it very well could be if you take a last-minute trip—we offer a wide-range of trip specials and last-minute trips, and with our experience can assist with booking the best air travel deals.

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Second Half of The Year Planner: Trips for Adventurous Anglers

Posted by yellowdog on Jul 8, 2019 3:43:13 PM

Our experienced Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures team travels the world year-round pursuing the next great fly-fishing adventure. As talk of planning for late-summer and fall trips begin, the consensus throughout our staff is that the second half of the year can be a great time for a fly-fishing trip. Broken down by month, here are some ideal destinations for a unique late-summer or fall season fly fishing adventure. 

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How To Prepare For a Fly Fishing Trip to Kamchatka

Posted by yellowdog on Jun 25, 2019 3:51:08 PM

About Kamchatka

Wild rivers, large and native rainbow trout, and a fly-fishing adventure of true exploration. This is the Kamchatka that Yellow Dog has experienced for numerous years. Our Kamchatka fly fishing outfitters have identified a carefully selected array of watersheds—some of them are the most remote and untouched native rainbow trout waters on earth and others are carefully rested and rotated by our experienced outfitters.

Because of this, the large surface-feeding trout in Kamchatka grow big and hungry.

Kamchatka, larger in landmass than California, is home to valleys backdropped with volcanoes, mountains topped with snow, native birch forests, and beautiful wildlife. With a cap on the number of anglers on each trip, a trip to Kamchatka is legendary on many levels.
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Central Patagonia, Argentina Fly Fishing: Bariloche, Esquel, Los Alerces National Park, and Rio Pico

Posted by yellowdog on Jun 19, 2019 1:42:19 PM

Region Facts

Target Species: Rainbow, brown, and brook 

Season: November – April

Major Fisheries: Arroyo Pescado, Rivadavia, Arrayanes, Corcovado, Tecka, Carrileufu, Corintos, Chubut, Nilson, Rio Pico, Rio Grande

Non-Angling Area Activities: Hiking in Los Alerces National Park, horseback riding, birdwatching

Closest Major Air Hubs: Esquel (EQS) and Bariloche (BRC)

Argentina is home to some of the planet’s most diverse fly-fishing destinations and the Central Patagonia region, and more specifically this part of Argentina, offers the greatest variety and diversity of fishable waters in this South American country. With small creeks, natural spring creeks, small and large rivers, and lakes, all back-dropped by micro-regions of open steppes, rugged mountains, and temperate forests, Central Patagonia feel like parts of the U.S. West of nearly a half-century ago.

The region is comprised of three separate and distinct areas including Esquel, Los Alerces National Park and Rio Pico. The waters throughout this region are as varied as the countryside.

In many ways, the Esquel area resembles fishing in the northern Rockies of the US. With dozens of rivers flowing through an arid steppe ecosystem defined by wide open valleys and rocky escarpments, the look and feel is akin to Montana or Wyoming. In contrast, Los Alerces National Park contains a network of rivers and glacially-formed lakes surrounded by thick, temperate rainforest and feels remote and undeveloped.

Farther south, the remote and open expanses of the Rio Pico region offer anglers the chance to explore and fish several off-the-beaten-path rivers, spring creeks, and high-desert-like lakes for larger-than-average trout.

With so many fishing options found throughout this region, guests can customize a fishing week based on their preferences to wade small technical freestones and spring creeks, float big rivers, or chase trophy-sized trout on productive lakes. Additionally, depending on the time of year and conditions, anglers can employ a wide range of techniques, including stalking fish with small dry flies and nymphs to stripping streamers to large, aggressive fish.

Over the course of a trip, on many of the rivers and creeks anglers can expect to catch good numbers of strong, wild trout in the 12 to 20-inch range, with plenty of shots at fish exceeding 20-inches.

Although this region of central Patagonia is home to a diverse and exciting array of fly fishing options, a variety of non-angling activities including hiking in Los Alerces National Park, horseback riding, birdwatching, and whitewater river rafting can be arranged.

For the most part, the fishing lodges located in this region offer fixed, full-week packages where guests can fish different rivers and lakes each day and non-angling companions can enjoy a wide-array of options each day. With lodge-based operations, anglers and non-anglers come home the comfort of a “home base” lodge for an evening of amazing food, great wines and genuine Argentine hospitality.

Sound interesting to you? Learn more about our lodges and outfitters in this region:







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6 Special Permitted Fly Fishing Trips in the Western United States

Posted by yellowdog on Jun 18, 2019 3:23:05 PM

Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and Wyoming are home to some of the West’s world-famous fly-fishing waters. Within these four states lie Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park, and over a dozen designated wilderness and roadless areas.

Our decades of experience fly fishing these special waters in even more special landscapes has whittled down the backcountry fly fishing trips we feel offer consistent fly fishing paired with outfitters who are experienced, safe, and provide a level of amenities we’re proud to offer.

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Montana: Not Just for Anglers!

Posted by yellowdog on Jun 14, 2019 10:16:13 AM

All photos courtesy of Visit Montana. 

Montana clocks in at over 140 million acres and is the fourth largest state in the union. With over two dozen well-known fly-fishing waters and home to plenty of beautiful and wild trout, anglers the world-over know Montana's great fly fishing.

But, we are also home to some great activities for non-anglers.

With our exciting range of activities for non-anglers, it is also important to understand just how big Montana is—when considering non-angling activities, do some research to learn the proximity of one activity to another or where you may expect to be your home base for your Montana fly fishing trip. Things may not always be an easy down-the-road experience and may require additional logistics. When in doubt, contact us at Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures to help plan your Montana travel.

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Northern Patagonia, Chile: Los Lagos Region

Posted by yellowdog on Jun 5, 2019 12:47:35 PM

Region Facts

Target Species: Rainbow and brown trout, with occasional salmon and sea-run brown trout

Season: December – March

Major Fisheries: Yelcho, Futaleufu, Palena, Rosselot, Figueroa

Non-Angling Area Activities: Hiking, horseback riding, hot springs

Closest Major Air Hubs: Puerto Montt (PMC)

The southern half of the Los Lagos Region, along with a small section of the northern Aysen region, defines the non-political boundaries of what is commonly considered northern Chilean Patagonia. Anglers have been fishing in this area of Chile for decades. It is home to rivers, creeks, and fjords harboring rainbow and brown trout and occasional salmon and sea-run brown trout. Heading south from Los Lagos’ capital city of Puerto Montt, the connected mainland quickly transforms from forested and fertile agricultural lowlands dotted by broad snowcapped volcanoes, to rugged tracts of untouched, mountainous wilderness.

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Montana: Fish the Same River Intimately or Multiple Rivers in One Trip?

Posted by yellowdog on May 31, 2019 7:02:00 AM

Montana is home to hundreds of miles of world-class fly-fishing rivers and creeks. Choosing where to plan your fishing trip can feel like a monumental task, but Montana is Yellow Dog’s home and we know fly fishing in Montana. If you desire native trout in a wilderness river or access to a local brewpub once off the water or a lodge with a professionally trained chef and a first-class wine list, put our experience in Montana to work for you….and our knowledge and services are always free. That’s a win-win.

With as much variety as we have, choosing how to fish Montana requires assistance. The best way to plan a trip is to call us and talk options on fishing the same river or multiple rivers in one trip. But here’s some more food for thought.

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Montana Fly Fishing Trips on Freestones vs. Tailwaters

Posted by yellowdog on May 28, 2019 11:06:07 AM

When planning a fly-fishing trip to Montana, choosing the right destination can seem daunting. We’ve got the Bighorn River, Big Hole River, Smith River, spring creeks, backcountry waters, and more. Fortunately, these waters will always be here in Montana and in your life time you can strive to fish them all.

Montana is our home and we take pride in its diversity of fishing. We have the luxury of being able to fish whenever, and usually wherever, we want. Here’s somehelp and knowledge on our two main types of rivers—freestones and tailwaters.

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New Zealand: The Skinny on Fat Fish in Mouse Years

Posted by yellowdog on May 24, 2019 10:45:35 AM

2019/2020 Season Could Be "One of Those Years"

As if the beauty of fly fishing in New Zealand were not enough, there is also a natural phenomenon known as the mouse year that truly must be experienced to be believed.

Photo Note: Look closely to see what this brown trout ate and is now disposing of...

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