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4 Must-Visit Golden Dorado Fishing Destinations in Argentina

Posted by yellowdog on Jul 18, 2018 9:01:52 AM

Golden Dorado are often viewed as the apex predator fish in South America and despite their ferociousness, strength and brute power, they are exceptionally beautiful creatures to target on the fly. Fly fishing for golden dorado has grabbed the imagination of many anglers over the past decade and for good reason; they provide terrific sight fishing opportunities, incredibly aggressive strikes and acrobatic fights.

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Buenos Aires Travel Tips & Recommendations

Posted by yellowdog on Jul 13, 2018 9:08:31 AM

While traveling down to Patagonia on your fly fishing adventure or returning home, you may end up having a layover day in Buenos Aires, Argentina. With a full day to explore the city, figuring out how to make the most of it may be challenging. Buenos Aires has fine dining, art, dancing, everything any large metropolitan city has to offer.

With a population around 14 million navigating the large city and knowing where to go can be daunting unless you have some pointers. Here is a list that we put together to help you decide how to make the most out of your time in Buenos Aires and how to navigate the city- from touchdown to takeoff.

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Where Are The Best Wade Fishing Opportunities in Patagonia?

Posted by yellowdog on Jun 28, 2018 12:42:16 PM

Working with Yellow Dog means that we will always put you in a lodge that best fits your needs and preferences. Where some booking agencies are in the business of filling beds, we are in the business of selling experiences, and something that may work for one angler may not work for another. When it comes to fishing, we realize that not everyone enjoys sitting in a boat and  would rather walk and wade. We know one size doesn’t fit all so we’ve put together a short guide of Patagonia fly fishing trips perfect for walk and wade anglers.

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7 Of The Best Couples Fly Fishing Destinations In Patagonia

Posted by yellowdog on May 7, 2018 1:20:25 PM

“How do I combine a fly fishing trip with a vacation that my non-angling significant other can also enjoy?” That is a question that we’re asked all the time here at Yellow Dog, as such we appreciate the challenge that many anglers face when balancing their fishing addictions with the vacation demands and desires of a significant other. If you’re trying to plan a trip where you combine great fishing with a “couples escape,” then the answer is “YES – We CAN make this happen!” We help hundreds of couples craft these types of packages and itineraries each year, and feel uniquely qualified to assist you in finding the destination that best suits you and your partners vacation needs.

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Fly Fishing Seasons in Patagonia: When Is The Best Time To Go?

Posted by yellowdog on May 3, 2018 2:38:42 PM

There’s a lot of variables to consider and questions to ask when planning a fly fishing trip to Patagonia.  Among the myriad of questions that we’re asked by clients the most common and, arguably, the most important question is “When is the ‘best’ time to go?” With a long six-month fishing season that extends from November through April, there are significant changes throughout the season to take into consideration and be aware of when planning a trip. From the eager eats on unpressured waters in November and December, through the abundant hatches brought on by the warm summer sun from January to mid-March, to the cool April rain showers that trigger fish to aggressively feed before the onset of the long winter, Patagonia has something for just about every trout angler. We realize that “best time to go” is subjective to specific travel preferences, trip expectations, and fishing goals, so we prepared this general summary and reference guide to help you choose the best time for you to plan your visit.

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Extraterrestrials in Chile: Fly Fishing the Cantaria Beetle

Posted by yellowdog on Sep 27, 2017 11:59:09 AM

We love fishing large fly patterns – mice, hoppers, streamers, salmon flies, if it’s big, we want to cast it.  Aside from breathtaking mountain ranges, friendly people, and delicious food, Chile offers anglers a chance to catch trout on beetle patterns.  But unlike the beetles of the western United States, the Cantaria Beetle of Chile can reach sizes up to 2 ½ inches!  If you’re like us and get a rush from big fish taking big flies, then you’ll want to put Chile on your angling bucket list.

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Fly Fishing Lago Yelcho: A Premier Chilean Patagonia Stillwater Fishery

Posted by yellowdog on Sep 20, 2017 8:03:11 PM

Fly Fishing the Lago Yelcho in Patagonia, Chile

Do you like fly fishing on lakes?  I’ve heard from people more times than I can count that fishing a lake is just not nearly as fun as a river. I even admit I was in this party for a time as well. However, as I learned the nuances of lake fishing, and started having some success, I became a believer.  What sealed the deal for me was Lago Yelcho.

Chile as a fly fishing destination has grown in popularity through the years and offers trout anglers the chance to land trophy-sized fish in a beautiful setting. Patagonia, Chile is home to some of the best trout fisheries in the world.  These fisheries include both rivers and lakes and Lago Yelcho ranks among the best of them.

Ready to get excited about lakes? Let’s go!

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Why You Should Seriously Consider Fly Fishing Chilean Patagonia

Posted by yellowdog on Aug 24, 2017 9:32:56 AM

Few fishing destinations on earth have a more geographically diverse landscape to explore than the country of Chile. Situated south of Peru and west of Bolivia and Argentina, the country extends for over 2,880 miles as a long, skinny stretch of land along the western coast of South America. With its inspiring landscapes and inviting culture, Chile is a Yellow Dog favorite and considered one of the world’s foremost destinations for freshwater fly fishing.

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