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Top 3 Spots To Land Your Permit | Yellow Dog

Posted by yellowdog on Jul 18, 2017 12:00:00 AM

1. Belize 

The impressive thing about Belize is that permit can be found literally anywhere in the country - from the northern waters that surround Ambergris Caye, to the central waters of Turneffe Atoll, and all the way south to Hopkins, Placencia and Punta Gorda. All along the Caribbean coastline of this tiny Central American country, permit are found in great numbers.


And while Ambergris, Turneffe and the flats near Belize City all offer legitimate chances for permit in waters that range in depth from three to eight feet, my favorite kind of permit fishing is the "classic-style" flats fishing that is found in the skinnier waters further to the south. On the flats near Placencia, Hopkins and Punta Gorda, it is common to find permit up on the shallows, feeding and tailing in skinny water on the area’s incredibly productive flats.  

Placencia offers excellent fishing for both tarpon and permit, as well as the occasional shot at bonefish and snook. You can spend the early morning looking for rolling tarpon on and then switch over to permit when the tides are ideal. This is a part of Belize that offers great wading for permit as well, with hard-bottomed flats that seem to go on forever.

The cayes and flats offshore of Hopkins and Dangriga offer a similar scenario, and permit are found in these waters all throughout the year. In the far southern part of Belize is the fishing town of Punta Gorda and the waters of the Gulf of Honduras. This is a very permit-focused area, and an overall popular destination for anglers off all skill levels.

2.  Mexico

Big Mexico Permit

The Caribbean coast of Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula is where you want to focus on for permit fishing Mexico, and the three top areas (from north to south) are Ascension Bay, Espiritu Santo Bay and Chetumal Bay.  

Mexico Insider.png

The waters of Ascension Bay provide the ideal habitat for a wide variety of sea life. In essence, it is a great home for all types of shallow-water flats species. The vast estuary and flats system and the adjacent reef provide the infrastructure for Ascension Bay’s pristine and highly productive fishery.

It has been said that this part of the Caribbean boasts the world's largest population of permit, and it is not unusual for permit to be found throughout the year. Weather and conditions permitting, it is always possible to see – within casting range – twenty-five to fifty permit in a single day, their sickle-shaped fins piercing the surface of the waters near 'Esperanza' or the 'Tres Marias'.

Copy of Oct072008_1395-XL.jpg

A bit south of Ascension Bay is Espiritu Santo Bay and the vast Santa Rosa Lagoon system, home to large numbers of bonefish, permit, tarpon, snook, and other shallow-water species. This area receives very little pressure, making it the ideal destination for anglers who prefer fishing in solitude. 

And final, the furthest to south – near the border of Belize – is Chetumal Bay, a vast network of largely unexplored and unfished bonefish, tarpon, and permit flats.

Like many of the bodies of water in this part of Mexico, Chetumal Bay offers fantastic diversity with regards to species. Within 100 yards of a single shoreline flat one has the opportunity to cast at bonefish, permit and tarpon. The numerous natural channels throughout the bay provide textbook habitat for all of the shallow-water game-fish species, and permit are found throughout the year in strong numbers and in all sizes.

3. Bahamas

Belize Permit Fly Fishing

While the Bahamas are certainly best-known for bonefish, there are a number of destinations within this tiny island country that that are very legitimate for permit. Over the past several years, several of the better Bahamian guides have begun to really target permit in these waters, dialing their permit fisheries in and putting clients on permit on an ever-increasing basis.

One of the best places in the Bahamas to find permit is the eastern side of Grand Bahama, where permit show up in impressive numbers during the May/ June timeframe and again in October and November. These fish are large and at times aggressive, which means that anglers intent on catching a Bahamian permit and paying their dues have an excellent chance when conditions are right. Other top Bahamian permit destinations include the West Side of Andros Island, the Joulters Cays to the north of Andros Island, Crooked Island, and Abaco.

Releasing Permit in Belize

On a final note, no matter where in the world you go to target permit, it is important to remember that permit as a species are never easy! You definitely need to pay your dues and put your time in.  Fish with a good guide, schedule your trip for the best times of the year, and above-all, arrive prepared and ready to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself.

Practice your casting (speed, accuracy and distance) BEFORE you arrive at your destination, show up with the right equipment and fly patterns, and be sure that you have the right mindset and attitude that permit fishing requires. Contact Yellow Dog with more questions about equipment, destinations, and booking a permit-focused trip for the coming season!

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