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Posted by Jess McGlothlin on May 30, 2017 11:54:25 AM


When we ran a piece several weeks ago about what unexpected things the ladies of Yellow Dog always pack for trips, it generated a volley of emails and comments — you wanted a guys’ version! Well, here we are: the goods the men in the office won’t leave home without (with a little bit of humor on the side). 


1) Carbon Marine Line Lair mat: Makes line management on the skiff a lot easier in windy conditions
2) Spare pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses: Always good to have a backup pair of shades
3) A sense of humor: Never a bad thing when dealing with difficult weather or fishing conditions

1) Headlamp: I never leave for a trip or a shoot without one and there is a small one in every bag. I have many types and sizes and bring what I need depending on location. Also, I don't skimp; buy quality.
2) Phone charger: I like to keep in touch with family and loved ones from the road. I use my phone for many things too: maps, weather, notes, scan for airlines, translations, and it's the easiest camera to get to in a hurry.
3) Waterproof, soft-sided luggage: I've seen people's luggage absolute soaked. Soft bags allow them to be easily packed into small float planes, trucks and boats. Many times bags are exposed to elements and the rain during travels to and from the lodges and airports. Keep your gear dry! 

1) Good book: Airport delays
2) Copenhagen: You simply can’t buy it anywhere outside of the U.S. and the guides will love you
3) Advil: Hangover pills


1) One Wipe Charlies: Never know when nature is going to come calling
2) Disposable lens cleaners: I am super OCD when it comes to clean lenses and never leave for a trip without a handful of these in my bag
3) Small waterproof speaker: Music is the universal language, a little tunes always helps get over communication barriers and break the ice with guides
4) Duct tape and Super Glue: You can temporarily fix just about anything with these two items and they come in handy when you have an injury and need to address it quickly while in the boonies

1) Ben’s 100 Deet: You know it’s good when your lips go numb
2) Super Glue: Cameron glued my head back together in Belize one time
3) Headphones: I’ve shared some cabins and tents with guys that can saw more logs than lumberjacks (you know who you are) and having a pair of headphones to put in at night can go a long way
4) Whiskey and Marlboro Reds: It’s pretty incredible what you can barter with some good booze and American cigarettes Kamchatka Russia Cabin Fly Fishing

1) I always bring what I call an “essentials emergency repair kit”. This is a small zippered pouch that contains all types of items that can be useful when making repairs or solving a problem when far from home. My personal “essentials” kit contains such things as spare tip-tops for rods, super glue, razor blade, duct tape, small Leatherman multi-tool, lighter, thread, rubber bands, a couple of small eyeglass screwdrivers, fly line cleaner, a small vial of reel oil, nail knot tool, paper clips, pencil, wader patches, and dozens of other small items. Make your own and always have what you need when far from home.
2) Bar of soap. So often you arrive at a lodge and find either no soap or a tiny sliver of soap in the bathroom. I always bring a large bar of soap for a week of fishing.
3) Music. I have a JBL Clip 2 waterproof Bluetooth speaker that I take with me on each trip. It is small, lightweight, and connects with my phone. I love listening to music when I’m in the boat or having a drink post-fishing. This is a great travel-sized speaker and micro-system.
4) Power converter and international adaptor. I bring a multi-plug and USB plug gadget that works in any outlet, anywhere in the world. It also allows me to charge several devices or batteries at a time.

1) Advil
2) Toilet paper
3) Tenkara fly rod

1) Pepto Tabs: For a sudden case of the ‘quick step’
2) Antibiotic prescription: Just in case of infection (spider bites, scorpions, staph, etc.)
3) First-Aid kit: Many of the guide overseas do not carry them


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