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Tom Melvin, Director of Sales and Program Director for Iceland and Kamchatka
Any leech pattern or simple marabou streamer for freshwater, Gotcha’s and simple baitfish patterns for the salt. Any bug that Dougy Fresh churns off the vise is always going to be a winner.   

Doug McKnight, Bahamas Program Director
My Home Invader Streamer for trout fishing, and my Crimp fly pattern in the salt. 

Shaun Lawson, Canada and Mexico Program Director 
Hands down an old-school Renegade for trout fishing – white hackle in front, ginger in back, herl body and don’t forget the gold tinsel for a tag. The Renegade is hands down my favorite trout fly and I carry it in my box from size 8 to 20; you size it to whatever is on the water and throw it out there – the rest takes care of itself. You can drift it, swing it, sink it or even strip it!

Jim Klug, Founder and Director of Operations
If its freshwater, then I always have a selection of Kelly Galloup’s streamers; usually the Sex Dungeon in a variety of colors. From Iceland to Kamchatka to Chile I have always had great results with that streamer! 

Mouse Fly Patterns Alaska

Kimberly Franke, Travel Coordinator & Insurance Specialist
My favorite fly would be a Barrett's Rusty Spinner. It works very well on the Harriman Ranch of the Henry's Fork and anywhere else you can find trout feeding on the surface. 

Cameron Davenport, Belize Program Director
Anything tied by Doug McKnight.

Jake Wells, U.S. Program Director
When it comes to dry fly fishing for trout I’d have to say a cinnamon-colored ant. But I’d be sure to have a black marker with me so that I could color in the thorax and head to turn it into a two-toned colored ant, or color in the entire body to turn it into a black ant. When it comes to saltwater…probably a white & tan Clouser Minnow or anything tied by Doug McKnight.

Bessie Bucholz, New Zealand Program Director
Rusty spinners, Stimulators, and small ant patterns for trout... in the USA. Attractor flies like chubby chernobyls, hoppers and other flashy surface patterns are so fun anywhere. But if we're talking New Zealand, it's all about the cicada!! 

Grey York, Day Trip Director
For freshwater fly fishing it would be a black and purple Chubby Chernobyl and for the salt, anything tied by Doug McKnight.

Sculpin Fly Patterns

Camille Egdorf, Director of Christmas Island and Alaska Programs
There are three actually, each for three different types of fishing. A San Juan worm, Dali Lama Streamer and a Chubby. These flies work almost anywhere and at all times of the year. The Chubby is mostly limited to the summer and fall months but fish can’t resist it. The Dali Lama is likely to be the most versatile streamer I’ve ever used. I haven’t tried it in saltwater yet but I have no doubt it’d work. 

Bryan Gregson, Director of Photography
On freshwater lakes and rivers, Rene Harrop patterns. On the ocean, Brent Dawson’s Warpath Crease fly.  

Ian Davis, Co-owner & Saltwater Program Director
Big fly = big fish. After fifteen years of guiding the tailwater rivers in Colorado, if I never see another freaking size 24 disco midge or 7X, I will rest easy. I love to tie big streamers with spun deer hair heads. These flies push water, swim with a natural motion, are durable, and cast pretty easily. I have caught trout, bass, bonefish, redfish, tarpon, golden dorado, pacu, yatorana, peacock bass, stripers, barracuda, sharks, jacks, snapper, dolphin fish, snook, and even had a permit eat (farmed it) all with a muddler-style fly pattern. 

John Hudgens, South America Program Director
For trout? Renegade in sizes 8 – 20. 

Carter Lyles, Digital & Inbound Marketing Strategist
For freshwater it would have to be sparkle duns in all sizes with peach/white/grey crinkled zelon wing mixed in with the deer hair. For saltwater you can catch just about anything (if you fish different sizes and trim the fly) on Merriman's Tarpon Toad. 

Kristen Tripp, Cuba Program Director
The fly that works! 

Peacock Bass Flies

Brenda Martinez, Program Director Assistant and Itinerary Specialist
I always like to fish a Turk's Tarantula tied with either a red or a black body. It's a great attractor pattern and works well when you skate it. You can even fish it as a streamer pattern or dead drift it like a nymph. It's a very versatile fly.

Dori Vander Molen, Program Director Assistant Alaska, Kamchatka and Iceland Programs
My favorite fly at the moment is a Mop Salmonfly. The body of the fly is mop material that is dyed orange and moves very naturally in the water. 

Mike Greener, Social Media & PR Director
There was a bug we used in New Zealand called the "Bugmeister" that was super fun to fish and did really well for us on the South Island. I had a lot of fun with that fly!

Jen Norris, Itinerary Pro and Logistical Support for the Mexico, Canada, Contiguous U.S., and the Bahamas Programs
I love big caddis patterns, like an elk hair caddis that you can skate across the surface to entice trout to eat on top. 

Kalen Harriman, Program Director Assistant and Itinerary Specialist for Cuba and South America
A Fat Albert is a great fly on many tailwaters or in the Yellowstone Park for native cutthroats. It can resemble a beetle, large ant, small hopper or any kind of terrestrial you may find floating in the water out west.

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