5 Recommended Tarpon Flies For Belize From Cameron Davenport

Posted by yellowdog on 10/24/17 3:48 PM

Cameron Davenport is Yellow Dog’s Belize program coordinator and has spent almost five years living and guiding in the Central American waters. The Belize fall and winter season is just now getting into full swing. Here's a list Cameron's favorite tarpon flies for Belize - but of course he wouldn't divulge his secret weapons - some things are taken to the grave.

Belize Tarpon Flies

Cameron Davenport's Fly Box:

    1. Doug McKnight's Home Slice – Doug McKnight, who also happens to be Yellow Dog's Bahamas director, ties the                               baitfish imitation. Try a purple or black color and get ready for big 'poons to gulp the enticing meal. Recommended                             sizes should be from 2/0 - 3/0. 

    2. Tarpon Toad – Developed by Gary Merriman in the 1990's, the Tarpon Toad is a mainstay for any tarpon fly box.                                  Recommended sizes should be from 1/0 - 3/0.

Belize Fly Fishing Insider

    3. Black Death – The black and red fly has been a perpetual favorite among guides in Belize. Pack a few of these in your                       fly box to increase your chances at landing a Silver King. Recommended sizes are between 3/0 – 4/0.

    4. Enrico Puglisi’s Black and Purple Peanut Butter – This baitfish imitation is essential for any fly fisher traveling to the                         waters of Belize. Recommended size is 3/0.

    5. Big Eye Orange/Grizzly – Bob Lemay's large fly gives lots of action making it irresistible for tarpon. Carry sizes from                         1/0 - 3/0. 

Jumping Tarpon on the Fly

Cameron emphasized his preference for short shank, wide gap hooks - use Gamakatsu whenever possible.

Get in touch with Cameron Davenport with any questions concerning fly fishing and travel in Belize. There are still a handful of spots available for the upcoming season in lodges in Belize, so be sure to book now rather than later. If you're looking to get into some tarpon in Belize, here are some we recommend: Belize River Lodge, Long Caye Outpost Lodge, El Pescador Lodge, Turneffe Flats Lodge, and Turneffe Island Resort. Trust us; you won't regret this adventure.


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