LOUISIANA: Yellow Dog’s jake wells Reflects on the Highlight of His Summer

Posted by yellowdog on 10/11/19 8:05 AM

This past summer Jake Wells made a trip to the Louisiana to fish for redfish, offshore species, and experience the sights, sounds, and tastes of New Orleans. In this two-part post, Jake retraces his steps and casts throughout his week-long summer trip…

Part One: Venice – Fishing Capitol of the World

After we got off the plane in New Orleans, I checked the weather forecast on my phone and was happy to see four upcoming days of sun and little wind. Something that can be a rarity in the fall and winter.After Memorial Day it starts to get hot in Louisiana. There’s no denying that. But the fishing doesn’t cool down. In fact, fishing opportunities are abundant both inshore and offshore throughout the entire year.

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Patagonia: 14 essential pieces of layering for a fly fishing trip to Chile or Argentina

Posted by yellowdog on 10/9/19 11:24 AM

A fly fishing trip to Patagonia is a unique experience. But one that can only be enhanced with the proper gear. A common question we are asked here at Yellow Dog revolves around what to pack and how to properly choose the right clothing. Weather in Patagonia is varied, so it is very important choose clothing and a system for layering that can adapt to the variety of changing weather conditions. 

We've developed, using Simms Fishing Products advanced technology and angler-driven products, a head-to-toe list of recommended layering systems. These products allow you to enjoy fishing in Patagonia in whatever conditions Mother Nature throws at you. The bottom line is that packing for successful trip to Patagonia requires an adaptable layering system. 

At Yellow Dog we are here to ensure you have the best possible trip. Proper clothing is a big part of that. 

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Winter Steelhead: tips and trips for Fly Fishing The Pacific Northwest

Posted by yellowdog on 10/9/19 10:26 AM

Nowhere else in the United States are steelhead as deeply rooted in angling culture as the Pacific Northwest. Mention the Pacific Northwest in a circle of fly fishers and steelhead will inevitably poke their bright dime-colored heads into the conversation. Rivers such as the Rogue, Deschutes, Grande Ronde, Columbia, and Klickitat, to name just a few, have claimed notoriety for producing not only good numbers of steelhead, but large ones at that. And as western trout rivers begin sliding into winter month slumbers, for any angler looking to extend their fishing season then winter steelhead in Oregon and Washington and should be at the top of the list.

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The Best Fall Fly Fishing Destinations in the West and canada and how to fish them

Posted by yellowdog on 10/9/19 10:01 AM

Late October and November bring cold mornings and the very real possibility of snow to the Rocky Mountain West. But, that doesn't mean it is time, just yet, to hang up the fly rods. In fact, if you have the desire to get in one more western trout fly fishing trip this season, there is still time. 

Clothes that have been stowed away since last bird season are being unpacked and dogs are starting to excite with the not too far-off retrieves. Fall also means fly fishing during, arguably, the best time of the year. As summer crowds return to careers and lives off the water, rivers are offered a bit of respite from the high-season traffic.

And for anglers, the possibility of world-class rivers to themselves is enough to get anyone out of bed on a cold autumn morning. If you’re like us and enjoy brisk fall days on the river then you definitely want to check out the following destinations for your fall fly fishing adventure. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and of course there are some rivers missing. We’ll leave those up to you to discover! 

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Northern Argentina: Golden Dorado Fly Fishing Lodges, Day Trips, and Mothership Trips

Posted by yellowdog on 10/2/19 11:43 AM

Region Facts 

Target SpeciesGolden Dorado, Pira Pita, and Pacu

Season: Year-round with seasonal spawning closures on the Parana river in November and December

Major Fisheries: Parana River, Corrientes River, and Ibera Marshlands 

Non-Angling Area Activities: Wildlife viewing

Closest Major Air HubsBuenos Aires (AEP/EZE), Corrientes (CNQ), or Resistencia (RES)

Golden Dorado are often viewed as the apex predator fish in South America and despite their ferociousness, strength and brute power, they are exceptionally beautiful creatures to target on the fly. Fly fishing for golden dorado has grabbed the imagination of many anglers over the past decade and for good reason; they provide incredibly aggressive strikes and acrobatic fights.  

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Don’t Rock the Boat: Tips on Being a Better Boatmate

Posted by yellowdog on 9/29/19 12:04 PM

On nearly all of our fly-fishing trips, boats are an essential component. Fly fishing from a boat allows you to cover more water, act more stealth-like, and provides the guide with a crucial tool to get you into more fish—which usually means a lot more fun.

Fishing from a boat is often a team sport: guide and angler working in tandem to fish, cast to, hook, and eventually land a fish. All the parts of the whole must add up. Since many fishing trips involve sharing a boat with a friend or family member, the angler not fishing on the bow or in the front of the front is a vital participant in the boat. Being good at sharing a boat is very important.

Here are a boat-load of tips for being the best boatmate on the flats or the river.

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Patagonia: In-Depth Travel Guide and Trip Planner to The Entire Region

Posted by yellowdog on 9/23/19 11:31 AM

An Industry First: Yellow Dog’s In-Depth Patagonia Fly Fishing Travel Guide and Trip Planner

Patagonia—both in Chile and Argentina—is one of the premier freshwater fly fishing destinations in the world. The region is home to dozens of world class lodges, experienced and professional guides, and more rivers, streams and lakes that can possibly be fished in a lifetime. In either country, anglers will find great fishing, friendly people, unique culture, and beautiful scenery.

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Seychelles: 5 Outstanding and remote Saltwater Fly Fishing Atolls

Posted by yellowdog on 9/17/19 9:10 AM

Remote and home to an incredible number of unique and different species, the Seychelles offer unbelievable wading and amazing fly fishing opportunities. With several atolls serviced by some of the finest lodges and guides on the planet, the shallow flats of the Seychelles may be finest saltwater destination in the world. 

What sets the Seychelles in a class all its own is the sheer diversity of fish species found throughout the outer Seychellois islands. Combine that with seclusion, epic scenery and consistent fishing action, you end up with an overall fishery that is truly unlike any other found on the planet. And, Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures has intimate knowledge of every fishery in the island chain. 

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Southern Patagonia, Chile: Magallanes Region

Posted by yellowdog on 9/17/19 6:57 AM

Region Facts

Target Species: Rainbow, brown and brook trout, occasional sea-run brown trout 

Season: December – March

Major Fisheries: Rio Penitente, Rio Serrano and various unnamed small rivers and spring creeks 

Non-Angling Area Activities: Hiking, trekking and glacier tours in Torres del Paine National Park and on Navarino Island  

Closest Major Air Hubs: Punta Arenas (PUQ) 

The Magallanes Region is an isolated, rugged and weather-battered area at the southernmost tip of Chile. It is a remote and roadless area that is cut off from the rest of the country by formidable mountains, massive glacial icefields, and a labyrinth of coastal fjords. The only way to access this area from the rest of Chile is by air or sea, or via a very long overland drive on a road than runs through Argentine Patagonia. Historically, the main attractions to this region have been tours to view the spectacular granite spires of Torres del Paine National Park or trips to the small settlement of Puerto Williams  a popular stepping-off point for cruises to Antarctica.   

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Top 5 Spots For Your first, or Subsequent, Permit

Posted by yellowdog on 9/16/19 12:02 PM

Elusive, powerful, beautiful and a landmark achievement in anyone's fly fishing experiences, catching a permit on a fly rod is a special moment. Some anglers spend years before they catch their first permit, others are in the right place at exactly the right time and the permit gods smile down upon them. Whether you are seeking your first, second, biggest or 100th, here are 4 countries to target these black-tailed beauties of the saltwater flats. 

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