Southern Patagonia, Chile: Magallanes Region

Posted by yellowdog on 9/17/19 6:57 AM

Region Facts

Target Species: Rainbow, brown and brook trout, occasional sea-run brown trout 

Season: December – March

Major Fisheries: Rio Penitente, Rio Serrano and various unnamed small rivers and spring creeks 

Non-Angling Area Activities: Hiking, trekking and glacier tours in Torres del Paine National Park and on Navarino Island  

Closest Major Air Hubs: Punta Arenas (PUQ) 

The Magallanes Region is an isolated, rugged and weather-battered area at the southernmost tip of Chile. It is a remote and roadless area that is cut off from the rest of the country by formidable mountains, massive glacial icefields, and a labyrinth of coastal fjords. The only way to access this area from the rest of Chile is by air or sea, or via a very long overland drive on a road than runs through Argentine Patagonia. Historically, the main attractions to this region have been tours to view the spectacular granite spires of Torres del Paine National Park or trips to the small settlement of Puerto Williams  a popular stepping-off point for cruises to Antarctica.   

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Top 4 Spots For Your first, or Subsequent, Permit

Posted by yellowdog on 9/16/19 12:02 PM

Elusive, powerful, beautiful and a landmark achievement in anyone's fly fishing experiences, catching a permit on a fly rod is a special moment. Some anglers spend years before they catch their first permit, others are in the right place at exactly the right time and the permit gods smile down upon them. Whether you are seeking your first, second, biggest or 100th, here are 4 countries to target these black-tailed beauties of the saltwater flats. 

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Dealing with severe weather or unforeseen events: trip and medical evacuation insurance can save money, your trip, or both

Posted by yellowdog on 9/16/19 9:47 AM

Weather and unforeseen events can affect the best planned fishing trip. Because of the variables of international travel, it is important to consider protecting your trip BEFORE it occurs for weather or other unforeseen events that may affect your trip for WHEN it occurs.

Booking with a proven industry leader is the first step to a successful trip, and Yellow Dog should be your first step. But despite all the best preparation and first-hand knowledge, there are times when unexpected things occur, possibly causing a delay, or worst, a cancelled trip.

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Belize Bonefish: best season for chasing the grey ghost

Posted by yellowdog on 9/6/19 1:25 PM

Belize is known for warm hospitality, a massive barrier reef, and miles of saltwater flats. On these flats cruise a prized gamefish of the saltwater flats angler...the bonefish. Sleek and fast, it is possible the bonefish was created purely for the saltwater angler. 

Belize has some of the best waters in the world for saltwater fly fishing. The country's coastline is protected by a barrier reef that runs the length of the country and is the second largest reef system in the world, the largest being Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. A tropical climate with very little temperature fluctuation and a seemingly endless expanse of flats running the length of the country, Belize is a bonefish paradise. Anglers venturing south to experience the diverse Belize fly fishing opportunities will most likely be met with exceptional bonefishing.

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Patagonia: 2020 is a Beetle Year. Big Dry Flies for Big Trout

Posted by yellowdog on 9/2/19 8:00 PM

Big fish grow big because they eat big flies. Our experience tells us so. If you're into casting large dry flies in pursuit of trout, Patagonia offers up an exciting opportunity to fish a terrestrial as large as our western river's salmonfly. Enter in the Cantaria Beetle. And with 2020 being a Beetle Year, now is the time to start planning to enjoy this fly-fishing phenomenon. 

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Louisiana: Summertime in the marsh: the other peak season

Posted by yellowdog on 8/27/19 8:21 AM

Our friends at Hatch Outdoors sat down with Louisiana Captains Greg Moon and Bailey Short to discuss some flats fishing. Captain Greg Moon and Captain Bailey Short are year-round Louisiana fly fishing guides. These two can be booked through contacting Yellow Dog’s Jake Wells.

A version of this post originally appeared on Hatch Outdoors.

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Southern Patagonia, Argentina: Santa Cruz Region. Jurassic Lake

Posted by yellowdog on 8/25/19 4:09 PM

Region Facts 

Target Species:  Rainbow, brown and brook trout, with seasonal steelhead 

Season:  November – April 

Major Fisheries: Lago Strobel—aka Jurassic Lake, Barrancoso River, Santa Cruz River 

Non-Angling Area Activities: Birdwatching, hiking, horseback riding, glacier tours 

Closest Major Air Hubs: Calafate (FTE), Comodoro Rivadavia (CRD) and Rio Gallegos (RGL) 

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5 Secrets to Untangling the Mystery of Lines: A Misunderstood Piece of Tackle

Posted by yellowdog on 8/21/19 11:43 AM

DTX, Sharkwave, Perception, Wonderline, HD Power. No, these are not the names of accessories to add horsepower to a souped-up Camaro. These are models of popular fly lines. They will not help you cruise the strip on a Friday night, but choosing the right fly line can ensure you gain more enjoyment from your fishing outing. Whether you're headed to an exotic destination or a trip closer to home a little knowledge gained about fly lines can result in more fish caught. 

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Bahamas: Fall Season is High on Fishing Options

Posted by yellowdog on 8/16/19 9:22 AM

Is the fall season really the new spring in the Bahamas? For anglers who have been fishing the autumn season here for years, they hope the secret remains so. Or, at least they might hope a few hurricanes pass through and keep the exciting options for fall fly fishing in the Bahamas still off the radar. However, hurricanes are rare in the Bahamas and at Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures we like to share our worldly knowledge of fly-fishing travel.

Spring is a popular time in the Bahamas—in the U.S. people are excited to get away after a long winter, the winds can be relatively calm and tides are consistently favorable for fishing. Like spring, fall in the Bahamas features consistent tides and winds. For anglers this is a good thing, plus since the summer season is the least busy season of the year, the flats have been relatively absent of anglers, kayakers and beach-goers. If this sounds intriguing, contact Yellow Dog’s Bahamas Program Director Doug McKnight and he can fill you in on a secure line.

Or, if you need more information, here are some reasons to contact Doug to plan a Bahamas fall fly fishing trip.

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7 Perfect Wade Fishing Destinations in Patagonia

Posted by yellowdog on 8/13/19 12:45 PM

Ever wonder what fly fishing in the western United States and the southern Canadian Rockies was like in the 1950's or 1960's? At Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures we do and we're excited to feature several of our favorite destinations where walking and wading in pursuit of trout is still the norm, not the exception. We know one size doesn’t fit all so we’ve put together a list of the 7 Perfect  Wade Fishing Destinations in Patagonia trips for anglers who enjoy getting out of the boat and pursuing trout on foot. 

Working with Yellow Dog means that we take the time to learn what you want and we will always put you in a lodge and book you on a fishing experience that best fits your needs and preferences. If you enjoy float fishing, please visit our post on the 6 Unique Float Fishing Destinations. 

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