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Yellow Dog ambassador, Jako Lucas will be hosting a trip to fly fish Kamchatka, Russia August 21st - September 3rd, 2018. The trip will be two parts. Guests can either sign up for both parts of the trip - the full two weeks - or sign up for a single week-long segment.  

The first week of the trip, August 21st -  August 27th, will be the Sedanka Spring Creek Float and the second part will be a Wilderness Exploratory Float Trip. This is one awesome two-week itinerary or incredible one week trip. Jako has been all around the world but has yet to fish Kamchatka. And did we mention there're still spots open for anglers wanting to join an epic trip? 


How old were you when you started fly-fishing?

My earliest memory of fishing is at the age of 4, playing around in the little rock pools next to the ocean, while my dad was fishing for monster sharks. As soon as I was able to hold up a rod big enough to catch a big shark, I was at it. I did this for quite some time, even on a competitive level but as soon as I picked up a fly rod, at the age of 13, there was no turning back. I think every angler evolves the more he fishes and is always looking for more challenges. Fly fishing is probably the most challenging form of fishing, and I have always believed that it is the closest you can get to nature.

Does anyone else in your family fish?

I would say that my father and I do most of the fishing in our family, everyone else has just made peace with our addiction. My father is the Manager of the South African Rock and Surf fishing team, and he is always fishing when he has a chance either at home or abroad.

How did you learn?

My dad and Granddad told me everything I knew about fishing, reading water, and weather conditions… Everything I would need to know to give myself the best chance at catching fish. But when it comes to fly fishing I pretty much taught myself how to cast, tie flies, and all the different elements of fly fishing. Of course, I had a bunch of mentors in fly fishing, and I always think it's important we never forget who made it possible for us to enjoy this amazing sport of ours. 


What’s one piece of clothing you ALWAYS travel with?

I have a bunch of caps, so I'm always traveling with a couple. I have some lucky ones, and they are also great to keep the sun off my head and face.

What rods are you bringing to Russia?

I will bring my trusty T&T Exocett rods, everything from a 6-8wt 9’0” as well as the new Exocett SS 250. I additionally have started fishing Bamboo on a more regular basis and have exceedingly enjoyed the feel of such a piece of art. Troy Jacques truly builds the most amazing Bamboo rods. Therefore, I will have a 6 and 7wt Sextant T&T 8’6” bamboo rods with me. 


Kamchatka fly fishing insider

What’s something that you HAVE to try when in the country?

Look, to be honest, the key thing that drives me to all these places is the fishing, and I love learning about the people and their cultures. I am sometimes a little hesitant to try new types of food, especially the “Fear Factor" stuff, but it has never stopped me from trying, and it definitely has pleasantly surprised me on numerous occasions. Thus, the two things I always end up trying is some local food and the locals’ favorite drink.

Do you have a playlist you always travel with? 

Funnily enough, I don’t listen to a ton of music when I am traveling, and if I do, it would mostly be some of the latest hits. I mostly watch fishing movies, as gets me super fired up for my trip and thoughts on my next fly fishing film. I can watch films over and over! So for this trip, it would be “Eastern Rises."

Where will you be getting back from before your trip to Russia?

Before Russia, I have a trip to South Africa for the 2018 Fly Fishing Film Tour, and a Yellow Dog Hosted trip to Cuba. (For anglers interested in Jako's hosted Cuba trip from June 2nd - 9th, 2018 there are still open spots available. Contact Kristen Tripp for more details.)

What other trips do you have lined up for next year?

So far for 2018, I have hosted trips to – Gabon, Guyana, Cuba, Bolivia, Seychelles and loads of other travels.


What’s unique about this trip?

I have been lucky enough to travel to many places around the world, but Kamchatka has been very high on my list for a long time. The wilder a destination, the more I like it. Everything I have seen and heard looks amazing. Wild, beautiful and the fishing is crazy! Hopefully, I will also have a chance to catch a Kundzha.

Could you describe the exploration part of the trip?

There is nothing better than the adventure of going out to a place that has not been fished by another person, or very few have had the courage or privilege. I enjoy learning how everything works, from the vast flats, through the tides, and surroundings. After you have got your head around those aspects, only then are you able to go out and get an education on the various fishing techniques, equipment, and flies for the various trophy fish you're targeting. This leads to that vision of community among fishermen… as there is nothing more satisfying than sharing these experiences so that the next guy/girl can catch their fish of a lifetime! Pioneering a new fishery is what it’s all about.


Do you have a favorite snack you’ll miss when in Russia?

Beef Jerky or Biltong and Chocolates. That's my thing. But let's be honest I will definitely try and get some in my luggage. Never leave home without your snacks.

What’s your favorite beer?

Funnily enough, I'm not a beer drinker at all. I don’t really enjoy the taste. But as a good old South African, I do like a Brandy or Rum and Coke. Might be my sweet tooth.  As with all my trips to Russia and Siberia, I am sure the Vodka will flow, so I hope to be ready for that.


Remember, no one ever regretted an adventure! 

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