5 Other Essential Flies For Cuba Besides The Infamous Avalon Fly

Posted by yellowdog on 12/13/17 12:00 AM

Cuba is home to some astounding fisheries that hold permit, tarpon, bonefish, snook, jacks, snapper, and barracuda. The crystal-clear Caribbean waters offer the perfect getaway for any avid fly fisher. However, sometimes traveling abroad can be a little overwhelming – let alone selecting the best flies to pack. That’s why we put together a short list of flies that can be deadly for casting on the flats, in the channels, and lagoons in Cuba.

Even though we love the Avalon shrimp fly and it can catch large numbers of fish in Cuba, we wanted to share some other flies that fish extremely well in Cuba.

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1. Gotcha – This is an essential  fly for anyone traveling to the salt. Great for bonefish, the mantis shrimp imitation will entice even the most stubborn of fish.

2. Doug McKnight’s Home Slice – Try this baitfish imitation in a purple or black color. This fly usually works best for tarpon.

3. Doug McKnight’s Da Tingum Shrimp – Bahamian slang for “that thing that I need,” the fly is deadly for bonefish and permit. “I caught my first permit on that fly!” one of the Yellow Dog team members said while reviewing these flies. What more do you need to hear?

4. Enrico Puglisi’s Spawning Shrimp – This is another staple in any saltwater fly fisher’s fly box. Be sure to bring a few of these to Cuba.

5. Doug McKnight’s Crimp – A fly with touches of both a crab and shrimp, it’s perfect for bonefish. The fly has a lot of action on it making it an irresistible meal.

6. Enrico Puglisi’s Soft Shell or Doug McKnight’s E.R. Crab – Both flies are perfect for anglers casting to permit on the flats.


Kristen Tripp is the program director for Cuba. She’s well versed in the fisheries and travel regulations, and it can be confidently said, we would be hard-pressed to find some as knowledgeable about the fishing and traveling in Cuba than Kristen.

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