Fly fishing the Bahamas: Recovery and Relief is Ongoing on Abaco and Grand Bahamas, But Still Plenty of Options to Find Big Bonefish

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As financial support and sweat equity flow into the Bahamas to help those on Abaco and Grand Bahamas that have been affected by Hurricane Dorian, we are reminded that the majority of the Bahamas was left unscathed and is very much open for business!

Bahamians are proud and hardworking, and the entire country is pulling together to help the residents of the islands that were hit by the recent storm.

As anglers, our showing of support has been amazing as well, and so far, the Yellow Dog Community and Conservation Foundation (YDCCF) and the industry coalition called “Double Haul For Dorian Relief” have collectively raised over $250K to help those from the fly fishing communities on both island’s that have lost so much. And while lives and livelihoods are being pieced back together on Grand Bahama and Abaco, we want to remind everyone that the other Bahamian islands, guides, lodges, and their families remain unaffected and open!

If you want to help the Bahamas, there are two key things that you can do: donate and go fishing. 

First, please show your support by giving to the Double Haul for Dorian Relief Campaign for Abaco and Grand Bahama.

Second, please consider booking and taking a mid-winter or spring trip SOMEWHERE in the Bahamas to discover first-hand why all of us at Yellow Dog care deeply about the people and the resources of this amazing country.

We’ve had numerous people tell us that they are ruling-out the Bahamas entirely due Hurricane Dorian, and we hate to see an entire country and the economic driver that is bonefishing in the Bahamas take such a massive hit.

Be it Andros, Crooked, the Acklins or any of the other islands that Yellow Dog books, let’s support the country on as many levels as possible.

September sees the end of summer—kids are back in school, tailgate parties take up weekends and we look back on summer hoping we got it all in. Don’t fret too much because at Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures we’ve always got a trip for you to consider in case you didn’t meet your summer angling expectations.

Enter in midwinter at one of Yellow Dog’s most popular destinations—the Bahamas. Between the ease of travel, the terrific fishing and the number of lodges ranging from economical to lavish, our love of the Bahamas runs as deep as the Bahamian flats are as massive.

But before you’re too deep into the fall season, now is the time to plan a midwinter angling getaway.

The Bahamas is a legitimate a year-round fishery and winter is an often-overlooked time…especially if you want to target trophy bonefish. The months of December through February are the off season in the Bahamas, but if you are looking for big bonefish and lodges with great availability, consider a winter fly fishing trip to the Bahamas.


Great Time for Big Bonefish

Because big bonefish can better adjust to changing water temperatures, they are on the flats in greater numbers in winter. The fluctuating water temps that are so common in winter, push the schools of smaller fish off the flats…leaving all that food for the big bones.

Clear Skies Mean Easy Sight Fishing

The months of December through March offer more sunlight than any other time of year. This can especially be true after a passing cold front. Additionally, the northern Bahamas tends to see cold fronts, and their cloud lines, pass through very quickly, leaving behind them clear skies.   


Fewer People on the Flats

During midwinter the Bahamas are quiet compared to spring. Anglers planning to fish in December through February may very well be fishing to fish that haven’t seen a fly in weeks. Plus, many guides are back on the water after a nice off-season and eager to chase big bonefish.

The Bahamas are a very popular angling destination with a variety of lodges and guides. For anglers looking to target big bonefish or just take a break from the cold of another northern winter, consider a midwinter fly fishing trip to the Bahamas. If a midwinter trip just isn’t in the cards, we always have plenty of trips in the Bahamas

Contact Yellow Dog’s Bahamas Program Director Doug McKnight to learn more and discover which Bahamas destination may be right for you or read our blog: How to Pick the Best Fly Fishing Destination in the Bahamas.

Contact Yellow Dog's Doug McKnight to learn more or call 888-777-5060.

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