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7 Perfect Wade Fishing Destinations in Patagonia

Posted by yellowdog on Aug 13, 2019 12:45:00 PM

Ever wonder what fly fishing in the western United States and the southern Canadian Rockies was like in the 1950's or 1960's? At Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures we do and we're excited to feature several of our favorite destinations where walking and wading in pursuit of trout is still the norm, not the exception. We know one size doesn’t fit all so we’ve put together a list of the 7 Perfect  Wade Fishing Destinations in Patagonia trips for anglers who enjoy getting out of the boat and pursuing trout on foot. 

Working with Yellow Dog means that we take the time to learn what you want and we will always put you in a lodge and book you on a fishing experience that best fits your needs and preferences. If you enjoy float fishing, please visit our post on the 6 Unique Float Fishing Destinations. 

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Welcome to the Jungle: We've Got Fins and Fangs

Posted by yellowdog on Aug 12, 2019 11:15:38 AM

Yellow Dog’s Jungle Programs provide adventure in South America and Africa

If you’re searching for a totally wild, remote and off-the-grid fishing experience, Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures’ offers a fantastic line-up of the planet’s most unique freshwater fishing destinations. From the heart of the world’s largest jungle in the Amazon to the ancient rift valleys of Tanzania, our in-depth experience with truly adventurous destinations means you get the adventure and the excitement without the uncertainty and anxiety that is often-times associated with this kind of travel. The vetted destinations in our ever-expanding jungle program provide the world’s most exotic freshwater fishing adventures – from tigerfish in Africa to peacock bass in Brazil to golden dorado in Bolivia. These exciting options and unique jungle programs perfectly cater to anglers desiring a new angling high.

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Top 7 Bahamas Family Friendly Fly Fishing Trips

Posted by yellowdog on Aug 8, 2019 4:24:12 PM

There is always time to think about the next great family vacation

The Bahamas is blessed with a variety of fly fishing lodges. Many of these lodges are ideally suited to cater to anglers and non anglers. If you’re trying to plan an adventure that will please everyone involved, then we’re here to help.

Here at Yellow Dog, we actually rank and rate each of our destinations based on exactly how “family-friendly” they are, taking into consideration such factors as the availability of non-angling activities, specific programs and services for non-anglers, separate non-angler rates, and more. We combine all of this information with the realities of exactly how good and how diverse the fishing is as well. In the end, we’re able to offer a number of lodge and destination options that can easily cater to a mixed angling / non-angling couple, while at the same time offering a great overall fishing experience.

Here are our Top 7 Bahamas Family Friendly Fly Fishing Trips

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Fly Fishing for Trout: What Makes a Great Grasshopper Pattern

Posted by yellowdog on Aug 5, 2019 8:38:46 PM

Whether your fly-fishing trip is on the Madison or Henry’s Fork or to Patagonia, Canada or Kamchatka, it is likely you may cast a grasshopper or cricket in hopes of bringing a large trout to the surface.

Here at our Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures headquarters in Bozeman, Montana it is time to start thinking about fishing grashoppers on our local waters. But a trout in Montana is similar to a trout in Patagonia or Kamchakta so an understanding of fishing a grasshopper pattern is important…and just plain fun.

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Tierra Del Fuego: Fly Fishing & Lodging Options

Posted by yellowdog on Aug 1, 2019 3:40:36 PM

Region Facts

Target Species: Sea-run brown trout

Season: January – April

Major Fisheries: Rio Grande

Non-Angling Area Activities: Hiking, birdwatching, boat tours of the Beagle Channel, and visits to nearby penguin colonies

Closest Major Air Hubs: Rio Grande (RGA) and Ushuaia (USH)

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Tasmania: When to fish and how to understand the Angling Seasons

Posted by yellowdog on Jul 30, 2019 3:23:01 PM

South of the Land Down Under, Tasmania is an exciting destination now offered to Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures’ anglers. Home to abundant lakes, rivers, and creeks, Tasmania has thriving populations of wild trout in a backcountry setting. A fishing trip to Tasmania requires local knowledge and an understanding of the angling seasons. At Yellow Dog, we have both.

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6 Unique Float Fishing Destinations in Patagonia

Posted by yellowdog on Jul 29, 2019 3:12:31 PM

Patagonia, be it Argentina or Chile, is a land of varied landscapes, inviting cultures and grandiose fly-fishing opportunities. If you’re considering a fly-fishing trip to Patagonia or making a return trip, we are in the business of selling experiences, and realize that while something that may work for one angler may not work for another. When it comes to fishing, we understand that not everyone enjoys the same type or style of fishing—some anglers like head-hunting to rising trout while others enjoy casting streamers in hopes of an ambush strike.

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7 Bits of Advice to Plan a Destination Fly Fishing Trip Right

Posted by yellowdog on Jul 24, 2019 9:57:54 AM

Whether you live in Wyoming and travel to the saltwater flats for a fly fishing trip; live in Brooklyn and are headed on a guided Montana fly fishing trip; live in Los Angeles and off to fly fish New Zealand; or in London and venturing off for some fly fishing in the Seychelles, destination fly fishing travel is full of adventure…and at Yellow Dog we take pride in ensuring it's safe and fun.

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Central Patagonia, Chile: Aysen Regional Description

Posted by yellowdog on Jul 19, 2019 2:51:04 PM

Region Facts 

Target Species:  Rainbow, brown and brook trout 

Season:  November – April 

Major Fisheries: Simpson, La Paloma, Mañihuales, Aysen, MegoteEmperador Guillermo, Nirehuao 

Non-Angling Area Activities: Condor viewing, hiking, mountain biking 

Closest Major Air Hubs: Balmaceda (BBA) 

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How To Pick The Best Fly Fishing Destination in The Bahamas

Posted by yellowdog on Jul 18, 2019 10:16:33 AM

Bonefish, mon! The Bahamas is known as the bonefish capital of the world. Throughout the islands of the Bahamas, lies a network of pristine water and a gigantic network of unspoiled flats. Amongst these islands are some of the planet’s most talented, knowledge-able and hard-working fishing guides. Primarily a bonefish destination, many of the islands and their surrounding flats, are also home to tarpon and permit, along with barracuda, sharks, mutton snapper, mangrove snapper and jack crevalle.

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