Mike Greener

Mike Greener
Mike Greener’s career documenting flyfishing culture began when he joined the crew of the Angling Exploration Group, filming and photographing the 2007 feature film, The Trout Bum Dairies Vol. 2: Kiwi Camo. A newspaper photojournalist and destination wedding photographer since 2003, his work has been featured in numerous publications and ad campaigns including Field & Stream, The Nature Conservancy, Earthjustice, High Country News, The Fly Fish Journal, The Drake Magazine, Brunton and Loop. In addition to his photography work, he is the Director of Public Relations and Social Media at Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures. When not on assignment, he can be found waist deep in the trout streams of Southwest Montana.
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Great Travel Reads For Your Next Fly Fishing Adventure

Posted by Mike Greener on 6/30/17 10:57 AM

Here at Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures we spend a lot of time traveling to destinations all over the planet. Over the years of consistently living out of suitcases and hunting for the strongest cup of airport terminal coffee, we have experienced our fair share of layovers in airports. Needless to say, there have been countless opportunities to dive into a good book to pass the time and read up on interesting stories recommended to us by our friends. The never-ending pursuit to check off novels from our own long, personal reading lists. Always opting for literature rather than surfing the internet, we’ve amassed plenty of exceptional fly fishing books to read on a plane that entertain, inform and inspire us during our travels.

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Useful Tactics for Fly Fishing Fast Water You Should Know

Posted by Mike Greener on 6/28/17 12:37 AM

Ah summertime! The anticipated warmer weather that marks the end of winter’s hold is always a welcomed sight for fly fisherman who get to shed their winter layers and prepare for the great springtime conditions. While the warmer temperatures start to turn on the eat for fish, for anglers living in the western United States, they know that this time of year also means that in order to connect with hungry fish, they will be navigating potentially swollen high flow rivers filled with mountain run off.

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Beginner's Guide: How To Fly Fish For Pike

Posted by Mike Greener on 6/23/17 7:49 AM

Fly Fishing for Pike 101

When talking about the holy grail of pike fishing, there are few freshwater experiences more electrifying than catching a pike on the fly. For many anglers, targeting northern pike on the fly can offer some of the most aggressive takes that you will find anywhere in the world; a defining factor that makes them an incredible species to target. Imagine yourself standing in your boat sight fishing the grass edges in the shallows for a merciless predator. You throw out a fly that’s as long as your forearm. Then, watching your retrieve, the calm water surface suddenly erupts in a violent explosion as the visual take of a pike destroys your fly with tremendous speed and power.

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10 Best Questions to Ask When Booking a Guided Fishing Trip

Posted by Mike Greener on 6/12/17 11:41 AM

Your interest has been piqued. The time has come for you to stop reading online about your friends and other angler’s epic fishing adventures and begin planning your own trip of a lifetime. For someone who hasn’t yet had the opportunity to explore fishing possibilities outside their native stomping grounds, it can be a life changing experience not soon forgotten. So where does one begin? 

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The Hottest Steelhead Videos on the Web

Posted by Mike Greener on 6/7/17 12:00 AM

Chasing the chrome. The fish of 1,000 casts. For many anglers throughout the Pacific Northwest and the Great Lakes regions, pursuing the huge anadromous fish known as steelhead are the end all for their angling pursuits. It’s a fishing approach that requires a balance of persistence, patience, confidence and having a bit of luck. As the saying goes “The tug is the drug”.Steelhead are native rainbow trout, which migrate to the ocean as juvenile fish and return to fresh water streams and rivers as adults to spawn often times returning to the rivers as an adult reaching sizes upwards of 20 lbs.

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