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7 of the Most Pristine Trout Fisheries on Earth

Posted by Carter Lyles on Jun 15, 2017 9:50:14 AM

When you think of the word “pristine” what images form in your mind? One of the first things that comes to ours is the recognizable Fiji Water commercials filled with untouched, crystal clear water pools on some postcard looking tropical island. Pristine is something that is very pure. A place unspoiled by industry or modern society.

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How To Pack Flies in Carry-On Luggage

Posted by Carter Lyles on Jun 12, 2017 11:31:46 AM

Avid fly fisherman and founder of Patagonia Yvon Chouinard once said that “It isn’t an adventure until something goes wrong”.  While rolling with the unforeseen punches and uncertainties that international travel can present from time to time, there are few situations more dire than having your box of flies in your carry-on luggage confiscated by airline security. Though a rare occurrence, having it happen to you could land a big blow to the success of your carefully planned out fishing trip before the airplane wheels leave the ground. It can be rather difficult to catch fish without your arsenal of flies at the ready especially if your targeted destination doesn’t have a fly shop around to restock your quiver. While we have had our fair share of luggage hiccups over the years, we’ve learned that having some forethought on how you pack your gear for your next trip could save you lots of headaches.

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Parent's Guide: Introducing Your Kids to Fly Fishing

Posted by Carter Lyles on May 30, 2017 2:20:55 PM

Teaching Your Children to Fly Fish

Do you want to have an activity that you and your kids can do together?

Maybe you simply just want your son or daughter to get outdoors, or you're planning a family trip? We've had many families plan fly fishing vacations with their children in the past, including this family whose son scored a grand slam!

Ready to get started? Let's go!

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