Backcountry Fly Fishing Trips: What They Are and Why You Should Take One

Posted by yellowdog on 2/20/20 1:18 PM

Taking the road less traveled is often stated, but never truly experienced. For destination fly fishing travel, a backcountry fly fishing trip is a road less traveled that every angler should discover. From the far-off flats of a saltwater atoll or a pack trip into the wilds of Yellowstone National Park or a multi-day float down the Middle Fork of the Salmon or the remote rivers of Mongolia, a backcountry fly fishing trip is a destination trip that can bring a lot to the hustle-and-bustle of daily life here at home.  

What makes a true backcountry fly fishing trip? The answer lies within each individual angler’s desires and expectations. Many destination fly fishing trips classify as backcountry angling—as the fish we pursue tend to live in remote and beautiful places. But for a fly fishing trip to be backcountry it needs equal parts remoteness, intrigue, and angling adventure.

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NEW WAYPOINTS Podcast TODAY! Fishing Travel, Adventure, and Exploration

Posted by yellowdog on 2/16/20 6:45 PM

Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures is pleased to announce the launch of a new podcast program that is 100% dedicated to fishing travel, adventure, and exploration - a regular series created for those that fish, and for those that travel to fish. Each episode will dive into the what, why, where, and how of destination angling, discussing relevant topics and breaking down the issues that matter to those who travel and fish.

The new WAYPOINTS podcast is currently available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and Stitcher, as well as on the Yellow Dog website under the "Media" section in the main menu. Listeners can sign up to receive notifications of new podcast episodes, which will be released on a weekly basis.

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alaska fly fishing trips by the seasons

Posted by yellowdog on 2/14/20 12:26 PM

Alaska is BIG country. Everyone knows it is the largest state in the union and home to the world’s greatest diversity of wild and native trout, grayling, Dolly Varden, and salmon. With such a massive area it may seem daunting to break down the best fly-fishing trips in Alaska and when to give yourself the best chance to create the Alaska fly fishing trip of your dreams.

The first step is to understand the fishing seasons of Alaska. Here all in one place is an in-depth guide to fishing for Alaska’s fly fishing species on the angling calendar.

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Big Game Fly Fishing: A guide to the best locations

Posted by yellowdog on 2/10/20 2:44 PM

Big game fly fishing is a testament to many things. From the start, the odds are truly in the favor of the fish. These fish, the fish we refer to as big game fishing—migratory and jungle tarpon, marlin, tuna, sailfish, Giant Trevally, and a few others—when caught, and landed, are a true accomplishment. These fish are big and they come from even bigger environments, where despite their size, they have adapted to the harsh conditions of being part of the food chain in the ocean...where there is always something bigger and hungrier.

Most fly fishing trips for big game species involve specialized boats and locations. Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Seychelles, Louisiana, and a few others. These locales offer exciting opportunities for big game fish. Choosing to take a big game fly fishing trip is the just the first step in the exhilarating process of catching these special fish. Gear, guides, and attitude all come into play.

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The Best Flats Fly Fishing: A world-wide guide

Posted by yellowdog on 2/4/20 10:31 AM

Writing “Best Of” lists can be dangerous—because what makes one fly fishing destination better than another? Or, who's place is it to say fly fishing for tailing bonefish is better than chasing after the gangster of the flats—the voracious Giant Trevally?

Pioneering anglers like Lefty Kreh, Flip Pallot, Del Brown, and many others, fished because saltwater flats fly fishing serves up the essential two elements of our sport—it is challenging enough that most rewards are earned, yet fun enough that even when the catch eludes us, the landscapes, lodges, guides, and fellow anglers—all parts of the whole—come together and burn a desire in us to do it all again.

Listed by species, here are the planet’s Best Flats Fly Fishing Trips

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