Yellow Dog flyfishing's 2019 Year in Review

Posted by yellowdog on 12/31/19 1:29 PM

As we close out 2019, we mark the end of a great twelve months here at Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures. When we ring in the New Year – and in fact a new decade – we will be celebrating 20 years in business.

Twenty years feels like a big deal, and we are grateful for all of our customers and the loyalty and trust that you all have placed in Yellow Dog over the years. This is especially significant when you consider that nearly half of all small businesses never make it five years, and only 20% make it twenty years. Our 20th anniversary wouldn’t be possible without our most important asset — our loyal customers.

Before we finish off 2019 and move on to exciting things in 2020, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the highlights of 2019 at Yellow Dog.

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Seven Top Tips to Help Catch More Finicky Trout from Yellow Dog's John Hudgens

Posted by yellowdog on 12/27/19 9:47 AM

Fly fishing for trout is steeped with many traditions. One of these is convincing a trout to rise to a dry fly. Many anglers fell in love with trout fishing by casting small dry flies on a remote mountain stream. As our skills improved our desire for more challenging fishing grew. From a six-inch Brook trout on a size 10 Royal Wulff to a 20-inch trico-sipping wild rainbow, fly fishing for trout is anything but ordinary. 

Enter in Yellow Dog's John Hudgens. John, or "Hudge," as most of his friends call him, is a twenty-year veteran guide throughout Montana and Idaho. Hudge has seen thousands of trout feed on a variety of hatching insects. Pursuing these "selective trout" is his passion and has brought him throughout the US West, Patagonia, and New Zealand seeking out selective trout.

In his own words, Hudge tells us how to catch more of these elusive trout. 

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Are You Giving The Gift Your Angler Really Wants?

Posted by yellowdog on 12/20/19 1:13 PM

Christmas is right around the corner. If you are like most people, there is still some last-minute shopping to be done. If you are entirely done with your holiday shopping, congratulations; put your feet up, spike your egg nog, and relax.

If you are reading this, you most likely fish or know someone who does and are probably going to be giving some gifts to those folks in your life that like to fish. Here’s some help to ensure you land a trophy gift to your friend and not get caught in the weeds and break off.

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Do not Be that angler: A Dozen Things Traveling Anglers Should Do But Don’t

Posted by yellowdog on 12/16/19 11:27 AM

A great fly-fishing trip is the sum of many parts—hard-working, knowledgeable guides, delicious food, accommodations to suit your tastes, and being in the right place at the right time to feed your fly to hungry fish. Practice and preparation go a very long way to pull-of a great fly fishing trip. Booking a trip with Yellow Dog is a crucial first step because we have the most in-depth and experienced team in the business AND our services are always free, or less, than booking direct with a lodge or outfitter.

Once you’ve decided to book with us, the fun of planning can begin. However, a little dedication before the trip begins is as important as enjoying yourself once the trip actually begins. Here is our list of a Dozen Things Anglers Should Do But Don’t.

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10 Frequently Asked Questions About Fly Fishing in Patagonia

Posted by yellowdog on 12/2/19 2:35 PM

Thinking about planning a trip to Patagonia? We field numerous inquiries about this spectacular region and the following ten questions are ones that we identified as the most helpful as a good starting point for anyone interested in planning a trip to Patagonia. The Patagonia region is a vast area of land that stretches more than 260,000 square miles across the bottom third of Chile and Argentina, bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west. It is a freshwater anglers dream come true. 

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5 top Sea-Run brown Trout Destinations in Argentina

Posted by yellowdog on 12/2/19 11:20 AM

The southern tip of Argentina is home to windswept and scoured plains, mossy forests and saturated bogs, and a river system that harbors the world's largest sea-run brown trout. It is here where anglers willing to make the long journey and fish through some demanding conditions can be rewarded with the trout of a lifetime. 

The name, Tierra del Feugo, was given by Europeans who when they first sailed nearby saw the many fires of the area's indigenous inhabitants. This name is appropriate because this area is rugged and isolated: a perfect recipe for producing massive trout. Here are our 5 Top Sea-Run Brown Trout Destinations in "The Land of Fire."

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