Choosing the Right Destination in Patagonia: Argentina or Chile?

Posted by yellowdog on 2/15/19 12:38 PM

There’s no question that Patagonia is one of the premier freshwater fly fishing destinations in the world – a productive, one-of-a-kind region in South America that is home to dozens of lodges, experienced and professional guides, and more rivers, streams and lakes that can possibly be fished in a lifetime. The options and choices are endless, which is why deciding on where, when and how to fish Patagonia can at times be overwhelming. This is especially true when planning or researching a first-time trip to the region.

Here at Yellow Dog, we receive a steady stream of inquiries from anglers interested in fishing South America, and usually the conversation begins with, “Should I be looking at Argentina or Chile?” and “Can you tell me the differences between the two?”

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Patagonia by the Seasons: When to Go?

Posted by yellowdog on 2/12/19 10:56 AM

There are a lot of variables to consider when planning a fly fishing trip to Patagonia.  Among the most common - and arguably the most important - question is, "When is the very BEST time to go?" With a long fishing season that typically extends from early November all the way through April, there are of course seasonal transformations to be aware of when planning a trip. From eager, early-season eats and unpressured characteristics of the early season in November and December, to the abundant hatches brought during the warm summer months of January to mid-March, all the way through to to the fall streamer season of April, Patagonia offers something for every trout angler. While we realize that the “best time to go” can be subjective and largely based on specific schedules and windows of availability, we have nonetheless put together a general summary and reference guide to help you choose the best time for your visit to Patagonia.

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Where to Go For Your First Bonefishing Trip

Posted by yellowdog on 2/1/19 11:47 AM

For lots of anglers who’ve grown up on the freshwater, fishing saltwater flats eventually becomes a goal. In a lot of ways, it’s the natural progression of the sport- looking for the next new experience within fishing. For those anglers looking to get on the flats there may not be a better introductory or timeless fish than the bonefish.

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