Where To Go Fly Fishing For Permit and Tarpon in The Bahamas

Posted by yellowdog on 1/28/19 12:45 PM

The Bahamas will always be synonymous with bonefish. In fact, The Bahamas could possibly be the greatest bonefish fishery found on earth, the crystalline Caribbean waters providing the perfect habitat. However, maybe not what its famous for, the Bahamas are home to some terrific permit and tarpon fishing as well.

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Tides and Fly Fishing: Planning Your Trip Around The Tides

Posted by yellowdog on 1/24/19 3:30 PM

If you’re headed on a saltwater fly fishing trip chances are you have thought once or twice about what the tides are doing. In the simplest of terms tides occur by the gravitational pull of the moon which moves water around the earth’s oceans. But diving a little deeper into the topic not only provides insight into feeding habits of our beloved flats species but also equips anglers with the knowledge to make educated choices about planning a trip.

What are tides?

The earth’s moon is close enough to the planet that its effects of gravitational pull can be witnessed. Although this gravitational force is not strong enough to be felt in humans and is too small to measure except using sophisticated instruments, the moon’s gravitational pull can be seen moving the earth’s bodies of water as witnessed in the tides. Depending on where the moon is in proximity to the sun and earth, tides will vary in height and intensity.

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Debunking 10 Myths About Bluewater Fly Fishing

Posted by yellowdog on 1/16/19 12:19 PM

If you’ve never tried bluewater fly fishing then you are truly missing out on one of the great experiences fly fishing has to offer. There are many reasons why we love bluewater fly fishing but maybe one of the best is that it’s great for everyone in the family. Non-anglers will have a great time hanging out on the deck of the boat and watching the action. And most lodges that offer bluewater options have a host of different non-angling activities. You’ll find some myths about bluewater fly fishing below and hopefully the insight will only add to your excitement to fly fish the bluewater. 

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15 Facts You Most Likely Didn't Know About Belize

Posted by yellowdog on 1/10/19 3:41 PM

Belize is one of Yellow Dog’s favorite destinations. Not only is it easy to travel to from the United States, but the small Central American country has a host of different options ranging from fantastic flats fishing for tarpon, permit, bonefish and other species, to terrific activities for non-anglers. With a wide array of lodges offering different packages and experiences, Belize truly has something for everyone. Do you think you know everything about this small laid-back country? Some of these facts may surprise you!

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