An Inside Look at Fly Fishing For Taimen in Mongolia With Jako Lucas

Posted by yellowdog on 10/30/17 5:13 PM

Jako Lucas is one of Yellow Dog's ambassadors, and he waves the blue and yellow flag wherever he's fly fishing in the world. Part of our two-part series on fly fishing for taimen in Mongolia, Jako was kind enough to give us the low-down. Taimen fishing in Mongolia is a bucket list item for every serious angler. This is an interview you don't want to miss. 

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5 Recommended Tarpon Flies For Belize From Cameron Davenport

Posted by yellowdog on 10/24/17 3:48 PM

Cameron Davenport is Yellow Dog’s Belize program coordinator and has spent almost five years living and guiding in the Central American waters. The Belize fall and winter season is just now getting into full swing. Here's a list Cameron's favorite tarpon flies for Belize - but of course he wouldn't divulge his secret weapons - some things are taken to the grave.

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Beginner Trip Series: North America Fly Fishing Trips For Beginners

Posted by yellowdog on 10/23/17 4:24 PM

We recently touched on some of our favorite operations for novice fly anglers looking to go on their first saltwater fishing trip. Very similar to prospecting for saltwater fly fishing lodges, when looking for freshwater destinations, there are several important factors to keep in mind.  Is the fishing technical? Is it mostly wading or floating? Are the fish spooky or aggressive? And lastly, but perhaps the most important – how is the lodge and operation? Are the guides friendly and forgiving? Yellow Dog offers a handful of trip options for beginners, so check out some of these:

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Beginner Trip Series: Saltwater Fly Fishing Trips for Beginners

Posted by yellowdog on 10/20/17 12:50 PM

Maybe you’ve never tried saltwater fly fishing, or maybe you've done it only a handful of times. For the beginner saltwater angler, choosing a lodge and destination can be overwhelming and even intimidating. There are many factors to consider when choosing a lodge – how’s the overall atmosphere and feel, what’s the fishing like in their waters, will the guides be forgiving over a missed shot on a fish? These are all things to take into account. Thankfully though, Yellow Dog prides itself with pairing anglers with destinations that meet their specific needs.

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Bucket List Trip: Winter Steelhead Fishing in the Olympic Peninsula

Posted by yellowdog on 10/18/17 4:36 PM

With the fall season hanging in the air and winter just around the corner, this time of the year usually means hanging up rods in exchange for hunting rifles and bird dogs. But even though the trees are dropping their leaves, by no means does that signify the end of the freshwater fishing season. Steelhead fishing, albeit a sometimes cold and wet endeavor,  has proven addicting for those who’ve reeled in one of the giant fish. Every angler should try their hand at steelhead. It’s hard to fathom a 10+ pound rainbow trout taking a fly, but it’s definitely possible. 

Olympic Peninsula Steelhead

Steelhead are the cousins of their strictly freshwater relative, the rainbow trout. They live part of their lives in the ocean and migrate into freshwater estuaries come spawning time. The fish come from the ocean, so naturally, they’re ocean sized. Only about a 4-hour drive from the Seattle airport, and with 10 to 15-pound fish straight from the ocean, the Olympic Peninsula is the winter steelhead mecca. But that’s not to say that 20 pound prize steelhead can’t occasionally be found as well.

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The 16 Rules of How to Feed a Permit - by Greg Vincent and Justin Rea

Posted by yellowdog on 10/11/17 11:55 AM

Greg Vincent and Justin Rea know a few things about fishing for – and catching – permit. Justin is one of the most successful permit guides in the Florida Keys, and he’s put hundreds of clients onto these difficult fish in his many years of guiding. Greg is the co-owner of H2O Bonefishing on Grand Bahama and has fished for permit all over the world. Together, these two have won the Del Brown Permit Tournament in Key West three times (2009, 2011 and 2013) – the only anglers to-date to pull a hat trick in the tournament.  Here’s what Justin and Greg have to say about successfully fishing for one of the most difficult species on the planet.

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Traveling Safely: 8 Ways to Improve Your Fly Fishing Vacation

Posted by yellowdog on 10/10/17 9:59 AM

Yellow Dog has decades of travel experience.  Every other week someone on the team is either out exploring a new location or checking in on longtime partners.  Yellow Dog wouldn’t be the best in the business if it didn't know a few things about traveling safely.  Here are a few tips we've learned throughout the years:

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Belize's Most Prized Gamefish: Fly Fishing for Permit in Ambergris Caye

Posted by yellowdog on 10/5/17 12:40 PM

Located off the coast of Belize, the waters of Ambergris Caye are home to some of the best permit fishing on the planet.  There’s a seemingly endless expanse of flats surrounding the island offering the chance to take a shot at one of the many permit.

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These 7 Exotic Fly Fishing Trips Will Blow Your Mind

Posted by yellowdog on 10/3/17 9:42 PM

At Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures, we’re constantly pushing the limits of what we consider surreal fly fishing opportunities.

From the far-fetched land of the Himalayas to the remote jungles of the Amazon, we’ve discovered that creating phenomenal fly fishing experiences has no limits! Through the years, we have had the opportunity to fly fish for some of the most exotic gamefish species on the planet.

Our travels have taken us to places that most likely would never be on anyone’s radar as a prime fly fishing destination.

It is easy to say that no one here in our office appreciates containment to a couple of locations. We're always asking ourselves, "what else is out there?" Today, we’re sending clients around the world to explore the most fascinating and peculiar fly fishing destinations.

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The Top 5 Bahamas Bonefish Flies from Doug McKnight

Posted by yellowdog on 10/3/17 11:26 AM

With fall bonefish destinations like the Bahamas, Belize, Cuba, and Mexico just around the corner, it’s important to know what flies fish are taking, and where.  Doug McKnight is Yellow Dog's Bahamas and Honduras program director and has fly fished extensively for bonefish throughout the Bahamas. A commercial fly tier, McKnight is well-known for his extraordinary fly tying capabilities and designing patterns that fish simply cannot resist. He was kind enough to share the five flies every bonefish angler should have in the Bahamas:  

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