A Quick Guide to Tarpon Fishing in Belize

Posted by yellowdog on 9/29/17 11:48 AM

World-Class Fly Fishing in Belize For Tarpon

For many anglers, it’s an addiction chasing tarpon on the flats and channels of Belize.  Given that the fish can grow to over 200 pounds makes it one of the most sought-after game fish on the planet.  Tarpon will inhale the fly and won’t actually eat it.  For this reason, setting the hook may be the most difficult part - it will test every angler’s patience and skill only to further feed the addiction.  If hooked into one, spectacular aerial acrobatics and a challenging fight will surely ensue.  It all equates to an incredible experience. 

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Yellow Dog Travel Hack: Packing Lightly By Cutting Down

Posted by yellowdog on 9/26/17 3:39 PM

The Yellow Dog team knows that airline fees can be pricey.   None seem to add up as quickly as the overweight baggage fee.  It’s especially easy to exceed weight limits with international fishing trips as you pack gear, rods, clothes, and anything else to enjoy for an adventure abroad.

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Fly Fishing the Barrancoso River at the Edge of the World

Posted by yellowdog on 9/25/17 11:26 AM

“It’s one of the best small pieces of water in the world for high densities of giant fish. Very little compares to it.”  My eyes were probably the size of dinner plates when John Hudgens, longtime fly fishing guide and Yellow Dog’s in-house expert on Argentina, said that to me.  For a guy who has fished across the globe, such a strong statement seemed a little over the top.  But as I came to find, it was spot on.  The reward for anyone who’s up for an adventure to the end of the world is some phenomenal fishing.

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6 Must-Have Fly Patterns For a New Zealand Fishing Trip

Posted by yellowdog on 9/22/17 11:49 AM

New Zealand Trout Fly Patterns

As a rule, the trout of New Zealand are usually more concerned about how you present the fly rather than what you present, so it is imperative that you practice for accuracy and delicacy before you embark on your journey to NZ. As such, there is no reason to bring every trout fly that you own. In fact, doing so can sometimes prove to be a hassle as you enter the country and pass through Customs, which is notoriously stringent when it comes to anything that has come into contact with foreign water and/or soil. Many of the guides and all of the lodges that Yellow Dog works with in New Zealand offer packages that include not just flies, but tippet and leaders as well so that you can leave your gear at home. 

However, if you must bring your own flies (and it is totally okay if you do), we always suggest that anglers follow the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Silly) principle and only bring along a handful of patterns that they trust the most—in a range of different sizes. Basic, minimalist, general – these are all terms that should guide you as you pick out which flies to bring with you.

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Fly Fishing Lago Yelcho: A Premier Chilean Patagonia Stillwater Fishery

Posted by yellowdog on 9/20/17 8:03 PM

Fly Fishing the Lago Yelcho in Patagonia, Chile

Do you like fly fishing on lakes?  I’ve heard from people more times than I can count that fishing a lake is just not nearly as fun as a river. I even admit I was in this party for a time as well. However, as I learned the nuances of lake fishing, and started having some success, I became a believer.  What sealed the deal for me was Lago Yelcho.

Chile as a fly fishing destination has grown in popularity through the years and offers trout anglers the chance to land trophy-sized fish in a beautiful setting. Patagonia, Chile is home to some of the best trout fisheries in the world.  These fisheries include both rivers and lakes and Lago Yelcho ranks among the best of them.

Ready to get excited about lakes? Let’s go!

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A Definitive Guide to the Top New Zealand Fly Fishing Lodges

Posted by yellowdog on 9/13/17 4:59 PM

Yellow Dog’s New Zealand program has experienced considerable growth and expansion over the past two years, going from one lodge and one independent guide to eight lodges and three independent guides. We also partner with dozens of resorts and providers of tourism products (from wine tours to boat cruises), which allows us to create completely customized trips to a country that has so much more than just fishing to offer. However, each of the New Zealand fly fishing lodges we work with have been highly vetted and represent a wide range of options in terms of fishing programs, pricing, and more. To help you identify which lodge or lodges might be a good fit for you, we have summarized each of them below:

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Pursuing Trophy Brook Trout in Southern Patagonia

Posted by yellowdog on 9/12/17 9:46 AM

“What an awesome fish!” Kevin Eddy, my fishing buddy, yelled to me as he ran down the rocky bank.  Both of us knew it was big; now it was a matter of landing it.  As Kevin ran down the sides of the river, he looked minute in the middle of such a vast place. The jagged Andes mountains surrounded us, and the gin-clear river meandered like an Anaconda stretching across the harsh landscape - slow, tactful, powerful.  Nowhere have I felt smaller than fishing in Patagonia, Argentina.  “Keep your rod tip up!” Kevin yelled as he neared me, “let him run!”  We both looked at each other and knew that there were no browns this high on the river - I was using a large heavy streamer making a rainbow unlikely, which meant it could only be that one big brook trout we both so desperately wanted. 

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When the Bamboo Blooms: A Fly Fishing Phenomenon

Posted by yellowdog on 9/8/17 1:23 AM

I was born in Montana. I've spent my entire life fishing and exploring the different waters in my great state, and only a handful of times have I lived anywhere else - once when I was in college on the East Coast, and the second time when I worked in Patagonia, Argentina.  I need more fingers to count the number of times I've heard, "Imagine Montana 80 years ago." Images of the Maclean brothers tromping around in the Blackfoot River come to mind.  Rugged peaks stand guard over endless miles of untouched water chocked full of trophy-sized fish.  Those images of Montana naturally drew me to seek out places of equal grandeur and adventure.  I think for any Montana boy, fly fishing in Patagonia, Argentina holds a certain lore, a place of unimaginable wilderness with pristine rivers and giant trout. 

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