5 Basic Fly Fishing Photography Tips

Posted by Jess McGlothlin on 5/30/17 2:27 PM


It’s spring — high time to get out and play. Slowly we’re creeping toward summer, that glorious season where waders are stowed in favor of wet wading, iced rod guides are a nightmare from seemingly ages past, and sunburns are sated with bountiful cold brewskis after a long day on the water.

For the working guides, this is the time of endless work and little sleep; for the recreational angler it's late night sessions after the work days ends. For most of us, time is of the essence and every minute on the water, camera (or rod, for that matter) in hand has to count.

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12 Tips For Taking Better Fly Fishing Photos

Posted by yellowdog on 5/30/17 12:04 PM

We recognize that there are a lot of great fishing and outdoor photographers out there, and over the years, we have studied and learned a lot from some of the best in the business. Shooters like Brian O'Keefe, Denver Bryan, Terry Gunn, and many others have been delivering great fishing images for years, and their talent and consistency is amazing.

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Top Family Freshwater Fly Fishing Lodges in the US

Posted by yellowdog on 5/30/17 12:03 PM


In the fourth installment of our Yellow Dog recommended “family-friendly” destinations, here’s a look at some of our favorite freshwater locales in the U.S. Any of these locations can provide the family vacation of a lifetime (and a little — or a lot! — fishing on the side). 

We actually rank and rate each of our destinations based on exactly how “family-friendly” they are, taking into consideration such factors as the availability of non-angling activities, specific programs and services for non-anglers, separate non-angler rates, and more. We combined all of this information with the realities of exactly how good and how diverse the fishing is as well. In the end, we’re able to offer a number of lodge and destination options that can easily cater to a mixed angling / non-angling couple, while at the same time offering a great overall fishing experience. 

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Top 3 Best Saltwater Family Fly Fishing Vacations

Posted by yellowdog on 5/30/17 12:03 PM



Run through the checklist for your next family vacation. Warm locale. Activities for the kids. Near the water (of course). Solid food options. Quality beverages. Empty beaches to relax on. A bit of adventure, a bit of R&R. And, of course, opportunities to chase after a few fish. 

In the past few weeks we’re outlined our favorite family locations in the Bahamas and in Belize. If you’re looking for a different location in the saltwater, here are a few more of our favorites in the Yucatan and Costa Rica:

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The Facts On Global Rescue

Posted by Jim Klug on 5/30/17 12:02 PM

Here at Yellow Dog, our hope and expectation is that every trip that we book and arrange for our clients will be problem-free. And in the end, 99% of these trips are! That said, we recognize that things happen that our company, our customers, and ourselves cannot always control. For that reason, we strongly recommend that our clients purchase basic trip insurance for all angling packages, as well as purchasing a Global Rescue policy for medical evacuations. This is especially relevant with destinations that are far off the beaten path.

When we’re packing our bags, we like knowing we have benefits like this from Global Rescue:

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5 Quick Tips To Get On The Water Quickly

Posted by Bryan Gregson on 5/30/17 11:50 AM

 Time is often precious in the morning, especially as the summer draws on here in Montana. Late summer conditions leave early morning fishing as the best option on many of our western waters but the same also holds true for saltwater angling. Your guide has likely spent part of his evening prepping the boat, lunch, and all tackle to make sure you can get out on the water on time. In certain angling situations, every minute counts and could be the difference from being the first to the most ideal flat or the first boat on a particular float that day. If your guide wants to get an early start, it is likely for a good reason! Give yourself the upper hand on the water by showing up a few minutes early.

Here are a few quick tips to ensure you are prepped for your day on the water!

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Packing a Carry-On (And T.S.A Friendly) Fishing Bag

Posted by Bryan Gregson on 5/30/17 11:44 AM

Here at Yellow Dog, we have had our fair share of luggage nightmares. It is not a regular occurrence, but when it does happen we’ve learned you can still make the best of the situation with some preemptive planning. How you pack your carry-on bag can make or break your trip if you ever find yourself between a rock and an airline (hard place). Here are a few suggestions for packing your carry-on bag that we hope you find helpful when packing for your next fly fishing adventure:

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10 Tips For Crossing Time Zones

Posted by Jess McGlothlin on 5/30/17 11:44 AM


At any given time, members of the Yellow Dog team are winging their way around the world, crossing multiple travel zones and facing long days on the road. Whether we’re hosting a trip or exploring new lodges, we need to be ready to work as soon as we land. Every team member has their own tips for bearing up under travel, but here are a few classics.

These tips offer solid advice for those who find themselves crossing the skies frequently:

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Building a Travel First Aid Kit

Posted by Jess McGlothlin on 5/30/17 11:34 AM


Things go wrong; it’s a fact of life. And when you’re on the road, there’s not always a friendly neighbor drugstore to run into for basic medical supplies. Yellow Dog team members always carry basic first-aid equipment with us in the field. Here are some things we won’t travel without: 

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9 Tips For Your Next Saltwater Fly Fishing Adventure

Posted by Ian Davis on 5/30/17 11:33 AM


If you've found your way to this website, then you probably know that Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures is a destination angling booking company that sends hundreds of anglers a year all over the world in the pursuit of fish. And over the years of booking trips and fishing the world ourselves, we have learned one very important lesson about destination trips — especially those that involve international travel to distant waters. The more time you spend preparing for your trip prior to departure, the more you improve your odds for a successful and enjoyable saltwater adventure!

Here are a handful of great tips and suggestions that will really help when you’re planning your next adventure.

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