5 Quick Tips To Get On The Water Quickly

Posted by Bryan Gregson on 5/30/17 11:50 AM

 Time is often precious in the morning, especially as the summer draws on here in Montana. Late summer conditions leave early morning fishing as the best option on many of our western waters but the same also holds true for saltwater angling. Your guide has likely spent part of his evening prepping the boat, lunch, and all tackle to make sure you can get out on the water on time. In certain angling situations, every minute counts and could be the difference from being the first to the most ideal flat or the first boat on a particular float that day. If your guide wants to get an early start, it is likely for a good reason! Give yourself the upper hand on the water by showing up a few minutes early.


Here are a few quick tips to ensure you are prepped for your day on the water!

1)   Start the Night Before: Take time to organize your gear the night before. It only takes a few minutes but will be much easier than fumbling around in the dark the next morning.

2)   Organization: Try to keep all your gear (jackets, cameras, tackle) separated and in bags or cases. It is much easier to stash one or two bags in boat compartments than trying to find spots for a handful of individual items. Make sure all foul weather gear is easily accessible.

3)   Clarity: Make sure to stay on the same page with your guide regarding meeting location and time; it never hurts to double check!

4)   Paperwork: Have your fishing license on you and preferably in a waterproof bag.

5)   Weather Report: Check the weather before your trip and be sure to dress accordingly. However, you can’t always rely on predictions so throw an extra layer and Gore-Tex jacket in your bag.

Following these simple steps will help you and your guide start the day smoothly and reach the ideal water for the day quickly!

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