12 for 2020: Angling Intentions For the New Year

Posted by yellowdog on 1/7/20 9:54 AM

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The holiday season is in the rear-view. 2019 was a great year, but, with a new year comes new excitement and plenty of New Year’s Resolutions lists. But we’ve got the list to end all New Year’s lists—here is our 2020 Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures New Year’s Intentions List. We polled our team of in-house experts and asked them what they want to strive to accomplish in 2020 and they gave us some great ideas. The following is that list.


Take a more active role as on issues that matter to our sport and to anglers—clean water, a balanced climate, angler access, the protection of key habitats such as Bristol Bay, common sense regulations, reducing single-use plastics, and more. We can’t call ourselves anglers unless we are willing to protect and speak up for the things that matter for the future of our sport and for the opportunity of future anglers.

Yellow Dog will continue to set the set the standard, and deliver, on the best customer service experience in the industry. We will strive to raise the bar for traveling anglers who value service, experience, technical competence, and attention to detail. We’ve spent twenty years passionate about making your next trip great and we’re stoked for another twenty years of improving on our success of creating lasting memories for anglers across the globe.


Commit to taking a kid fishing. By spending time on the water with the next generation of anglers, we will raise involved, caring, educated, and outspoken participants in this sport. We need the next generation of passionate anglers, and in the era of apps, screens, and smartphones it is up to the parents to ensure kids know a drag-free drift and a double-haul as much as a like, share, or post.

Don’t trout set on that tarpon eat. You have journeyed thousands of miles, made the perfect cast, and a cooperative fish eats the fly. Bring it home with a quality hook-set. And, this only happens with proper preparation ahead of time or spending more time on the water. Make 2020 the year you do more of both.


Become a more well-read angler. Sixty second videos on Instagram are cool if you’re into that sort of thing, but, engage in something that lasts—read one of the great fly fishing books. A River Why, Trout Bum, The Longest Silence, Caddisflies, and the list can go on and on. But, the genre of fly-fishing literature is as in-depth as the adventures available to anglers.

Get more out of your fly tying. Strive to catch as many species as possible on personally-tied flies. Take time out of your day and teach a kid to tie flies. The tradition of teaching kids to tie flies is slowly dying. Let’s ensure that continues.


Continue to improve your casting skills. Success in many fishing situations hinges on making the first cast count. Practice, practice, and practice some more. Strive to to be better with delicate presentations on a spring creek, adding 10 to 15-feet on your distance cast, proficient at 80-feet in the wind of a saltwater flat, and more accurate with dries and streamers on your favorite trout waters.

Fish more dry flies. Many of us learned to fly fish casting dry flies on a small stream. Get back to those roots and leave the bobbers at home. Aim to catch a fish on a dry fly or top water fly every month of the year.


Catch a species new to you. In our business, we want you to explore the world—but there are new species close to home as well. From carp to bass to redfish to gar, plenty of fish are nearby. Once those are checked-off, consider an exotic trip to catch a species you maybe never knew existed.

Work on all the little things you’ve been putting-off. From re-wiring the busted taillight on your boat trailer to cleaning out and organizing your fly boxes, there are plenty of little things to do that can add up to a big sense of enjoyment once they are done. A good use of old flies is to give them to a younger angler who is looking to increase their collection. When you’re done with that, relax and watch A River Runs Through It for the umpteenth time and remember why you fell in love with fly fishing.


Catch a saltwater grand slam. Make 2020 the year you finally land a grand slam. Destinations in Mexico, Cuba, Belize, and the Bahamas, are closer than you think. If you follow the intentions included in this post, you’ll be that much better suited to making it happen.

Discover some new waters. Whether they are nearby or far away, fishing a new water can be inspiring. From backpacking to a high mountain lake, exploring a remote jungle river, running a whitewater river in your own boat, or fishing a distant saltwater atoll, in the Seychelles, our sport requires self-discovery. And, a great way to learn more about yourself is to discover someplace new.

2020 marks twenty years of helping anglers explore the world of fly fishing. Since the year is young, there is plenty of time to make this year the best year ever.

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